Friday, March 19, 2010

Do you give...good compliments?

Are you good at giving compliments? Many of us have never been taught how to accept a compliment and how important it is to give meaningful compliments. I am no expert but I’m certain many of us could use a little help. Often times I’ll think, “my friend’s outfit is super cute” but often it remains a thought and I won’t actually say anything. Other days I’ll think about how well an employee handled a difficult situation but again I won’t necessarily tell them my positive opinion. I’m not a jealous person so my only explanation is another conversation or thought gets in the way of expressing the compliment. Whatever the reason, people like to hear thoughtful compliments. The key is being thoughtful, not generic. Example, the statement “you did a great job today” would mean more if it was specific, “your presentation today was outstanding, good job!” BTW: thank you for taking the time to read my blog. So, have you given a thoughtful compliment today?


  1. Great topic.
    After working in the restaurant business for many years, I know how nice it is to recieve a nice complement. Conversely, how terrible it is to be told what you did wrong. When at a restaurant or a store, I do try to tell the individual or the manager if the service was great. I think that little complements do make a difference!

  2. Thanks for sharing Anna! It's good to be reminded to thank our fellow wait staffers.

  3. Love this post, TV!! I think the compliments are contagious too! I notice, if, after I receive one, say on my necklace or earrings, or something, I begin to speak up more and compliment others' clothing or jewelry! It's like a verbal smile!

  4. Anne, I love your 'verbal smile' comment! Just think what the world would be like if we all gave each other more compliments. Thanks for your comment!


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