Monday, March 29, 2010

Jumping to Conclusions

Recently, a friend told me the story about her second date with a nice guy at a local restaurant. She arrived at 6:30pm and waited thirty minutes for him, but he never showed up. During those thirty minutes she left him four messages; the first message was of concern but by the fourth she was over the top angry that he had stood her up. To her surprise he phoned just as she was driving away from the restaurant. He asked her where she was, as he’s been waiting for her. As luck would have it, he was waiting for her at the restaurant next door; the wrong restaurant. Oops!

Of course these situations don’t always turn out to be simple misunderstandings but her reaction was not a good second impression (over reactive, angers quickly etc) but very insightful for him. Her anger and negativity clouded her ability to be open minded, has this ever happened to you, were you able to learn from the situation?

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