Thursday, March 11, 2010

Laughing at your own jokes

A friend once told me how funny it was that I laughed at my own jokes. Honestly, I didn’t think there was anything wrong with it; if I told the joke then I probably thought it was funny. To my dismay she was correct and society has apparently deemed it foolish to laugh at your own jokes. Comedians don’t laugh at their own jokes, or try not to (Seinfeld) because it’s funnier if they appear more serious. I’m not a comedian and therefore don't feel the rule of ‘not laughing at my own jokes’ applies. I love to laugh and have a hard time holding it in, in fact I once laughed so hard that all the blood vessels in one eye burst. Life is full of tough moments that weigh us down and laughter reminds us that we will get through those difficult times. So, do you think it is okay to laugh at your own jokes?


  1. Well TV's Take, I would have to agree. Life is what you make it and laughing with and at ourselves, be it a joke or just something silly we did, makes life lighter, sweeter and just more fun.
    Just the other day I put the milk in the cupboard and thankfully within minutes was putting an appropriate cupboard item away and burst out into laughter when I saw the milk just hanging out waiting to go in the fridge. Great topic TV.

  2. Hi, TV! I like to read a blogger's very first post when I visit. It gives me a sense of your journey thus far.

    That must've been a whopper of a joke that caused you to burst all the blood vessels in one eye!

    I like people who can laugh at themselves, because I'm big on not taking myself seriously. So hey, laughing at your own jokes is the next step! It says you can enjoy life and not worry about what other people think.

    My husband starts turning red when he's trying to tell a funny story. Then we have to wait it out—he runs out of breath from laughing so hard that he can't finish the story just yet. Another free spirit.


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