Monday, March 15, 2010

Shhh…Salty Snack

While at Target my weakness for all things salty caught up to me when I purchased chips (Sun Chips) at the end of a random aisle. The chip bag, advertises that they’ve made the world’s first 100% compostable package, which is a good thing. Now purchasing the chips themselves isn’t that interesting but I must state after I got them home and decided to enjoy my salty snack they actually made me laugh, seriously. Reason, every time I pull the bag out of the pantry or reach into the bag it makes the most incredible noise. The bag is so loud that it’s comical. With this snack, I can no longer eat mindlessly in front of the TV wondering later how many xyz’s I’ve eaten. This bag might as well have an alarm on it that tells everyone in my home that I’m snacking! Now I could put the chips in a bowl but then that wouldn’t be very fun. So, what’s your favorite snack?


  1. I'll have to try those any way to save some calories! I never thought noise would help save calories!!!

  2. Easily, my favorite snack is ice cream. Ari, my youngest busted me the other day eating the last of his cookies and cream ice cream.

  3. Ahh Ice Cream, who doesn't love it. At least this way Ari will learn about sharing. Thanks for your post, Tina!

  4. This 'alarm' bag seems like it has some potential for a product placement on Biggest Looser!


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