Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sprucing it up to Save up

Spring is fast approaching and if you are like me, you’ll love to spend as much time as possible outside. Our patio furniture was starting to look tired so instead of investing in new furniture we spray painted the old metal furniture with Home Depot’s Rust-Oleum. In addition, we are going to invest in rust colored cushions from Target to give our outdoor area a more colorful look. This investment is going to save us hundreds and hundreds of dollars, which is always a good thing. Perhaps we will use the savings to host more gatherings with friends. This process of refurbishing the old reminds me of growing up, whereas we would actually fix things instead of throwing them out. It’s funny how we have become so cavalier about money. Got any good refurbishing tips to share?


  1. Hey TV Takes
    Sprucing up or maybe reawaken "stuff" with Rust-Oleum is great. I went to a Goodwill and bought an old filing cabinet and sprayed it with the Silver Hammer Rust-Oleum. Looks great if I may say:-). I also decided to spray the extended patio cement block with concrete stain so everything isn't that cold gray color. Little thinks can be so fun and add some new life.

  2. Great ideas Tammy! Thanks for sharing ways you've reawakened your 'stuff'.


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