Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Just Do It - Yourself

During this slow economic recovery period many people are still working at cutting back on any unnecessary spending. Like many of you, there are things I will spend a little more on while other things I’m a bit thriftier. Status Quo example: We still dine out once a week and our once a month date night is still at a nice restaurant. Thrifty example: My husband does the yard work and I clean the house. I think of cleaning the house as a workout and it gives me a sense of accomplishment. Would I like to hire someone to clean the house for me, um heck yeah; however it’s a luxury I’m not willing to spend money on. In addition to ‘doing it ourselves’ I also save money by reducing my shopping trips. I know this concept is not revolutionary but it works; if I’m not shopping I’m not tempted to buy what we don’t need.
What are some ways you’ve saved money in the last year?

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