Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Losing Touch

If you’ve moved around a bit you know that it can be hard to stay in touch with friends. E-mail and Facebook have definitely helped but after a few years of being away, friendships inevitably change. When we move away we work hard to build a new life and new friendships and our friends ‘at home’ do the same. After a period of time the calls are less frequent and the visits are less often. Luckily the communication doesn’t stop but often times it does slow down. It’s always a little sad when I realize that the distance has taken a toll on my friendships. Thankfully many of my long distance friendships are the ones that pick up right where they left off. I have this relationship with my brother as well. Months can pass but when we reconnect we are right back on track. Is it hard for you to stay in touch with friends far away?

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