Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Mirror of Truth

Do you ever see yourself in a photo and say, “Hey are my arms really that chubby or Gee my hair does not look terrific”? I do and it’s always somewhat surprising and disappointing because when I checked myself out in the mirror I looked better than the picture reflected. Sure the camera adds some lbs and sometimes it does not capture us in the best light but there is something more interesting going on. When most of us stand in front of the mirror we see what we want to see. We don’t focus on our less attractive angles because quite frankly most of us don’t want to see them. Perhaps that’s not wrong; who wants to focus on the negative all the time? Reflection of our character works in much the same way. We focus on what we want to focus on and often times don’t want to reflect upon our true selves or what we need to change. The mirror may not lie but we certainly manipulate the things we want to see. What do you think?


  1. Oh so true. I was just thinking about this concept on the way to work this morning. It is a bit difficult at times to take the proverbial long look inside to see what needs adjustment. Or, once you've identified what needs work, to actually work on it, versus getting stuck in a rut and beating yourself up. I wish I had an answer for it. Maybe I can put my HR hat on and figure out how to move from problem identification, to action plan, to measuring my success rate? :-)

  2. Tina good point! Once we actually peel off our blinders then we should take some action. Much easier said then done. Thanks for your comment!


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