Monday, April 5, 2010

The people are the party

Following a soiree at our home a good friend told me, “you throw a good party.” I can't take much credit because I feel the art of throwing a good party relies on the quality of your guests. If your guests are fun and interesting you could probably serve white bread and some $8/bottle wine and people would tell you, great party!
All that said, there are a few party essences that we find key to creating a fun atmosphere: 1) Music. I’ve been to several home cocktail parties where there is NO music playing. Music is a detail that should not be overlooked. 2) Food/Cocktail. Contrary to my earlier comment, guests love good food and good wine, so go ahead and splurge on the $12 bottle. Find a fun new recipe on 3) Attentive hosts. Do let your guests know how much you appreciate their attendance and make sure to make those introductions.
Whatever the occasion or location, parties build memories and relationships.
How do you create a good party?

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