Friday, April 2, 2010

The Scent of a Memory

This week I walked into the grocery store and was greeted by the sweet scent of hyacinth which triggered the memory of my first big girl job. When I was 23, I got my dream job in corporate America. My mother was very proud and sent me a congratulatory bouquet of flowers on my first day. My excitement in the new big girl job soon turned to fear because I realized there was too much to learn. During those initial scary months, I took comfort in the scent of the hyacinth bouquet my mom sent me. It was a constant reminder of how much she believed in me and as a result, gave me encouragement to forge ahead. It is funny how a scent can so clearly bring back all those memories. For the record I also love: fresh cut grass=spring/summer as a child, hay=time on our ranch riding horses and clove cigarettes=college/concerts (even though I didn’t smoke). And now it’s your turn, what scents bring you to a happy place?


  1. This was a topic in our home just recently. When I was young, my grandmother took my sister and I to the natitorium at the local university to swim. We would swim twice a week when the leaves were falling, there was a foot of snow on the ground or large puddles of mud to skip around. We always left with wet hair and the smell of chlorine. It was fantastic. My husband recently asked me why I love thick, white bath towels with a strong smell of bleach. These towels take me back to those glorious times with my grandmother at the university swimming pool. They would have stacks of them and I couldn't wait for my grandmother to wrap one around me. I felt so safe in her arms. I get reminded of my remarkable grandmother every day when I get out of the shower.

  2. Anonymous, great comment and what a great memory of your grandmother! I'll think about you the next time I wrap my daughter in a fluffy clean towel. Thanks for your post!


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