Monday, April 19, 2010

What’s With My Mood?

Do you ever have one of those days where you are just off?  Sure we can blame the blues on this or that but it takes the right kind of event or person to pull you through those doldrums. One of my favorite ways to get out of a funk is a good dinner and company with lots of laughing. Unfortunately we cannot always arrange for a dinner party when we are feeling blue, but if your blue mood and a soiree meet cheers! Another method to getting out of the mental madness is working out. I like to think I’m sweating out the bad energy. Lastly a good night sleep is likely to help. Sometimes it’s just better to wake up to a new day to take on a new mood. What do you do to get into your happy place?


  1. Scotch.

    Haha just kidding.
    Seriously though... My fixes are working out, yoga, coffee, walking my dog or just petting her and feeling her love! And last but not least- calling my out of town friends to catch up!!!

  2. Anonymous, I love the scotch (.) comment! Perhaps we should spike our coffee, while doing yoga and petting our dog all while talking on the phone. If we did all that we wouldn't have time to be in a funky mood - j/k. Thanks for your comment!


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