Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Least Attractive Emotion

Anger is the one emotion I’d like to live without.  There is a time and a place for all emotions but rarely do I say, “Boy, anger was sure helpful today!” Anger does not bring out the good in people. When I’m angry, I’m unhappy, ugly and occasionally vengeful. It’s just one of those emotions that can damper a moment, a whole day or week. Getting over anger is crucial. For me, a little time alone is always helpful. Working out is also a good way to release that negative energy and of course talking about what made me angry is also beneficial. As I age, I’m more aware of the situations that bring upon anger. Luckily, I don’t get angry often but when it does sneak in, I do not like myself or typically anyone else for that matter. My goal is to recognize the signs early and diffuse them quickly. As my daughter starts to model the behavior she sees in others; anger is not one I want her to learn from me. What helps you get over your anger?


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  5. Yep, anger isn't pretty, but important to express in a healthy way. It sounds like you do. We all slip and it is how we handle that slip. When I feel an emotion like anger creeping in, I try identifying it and not denying it; which is so crucial for me. I believe emotions are signs to check in, maybe something is out of balance, but not to shove them down and explode. Great topic and one I think all can relate on some level.


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