Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Multi-Taskers: Good or Evil?

I am a multi-tasker and in general I don’t see anything wrong with it. I can clean, watch the little one, do laundry and get ready for the day basically at the same time. My husband on the other hand doesn’t appreciate all I can do in a very short amount of time. He is methodical, quite possibly the antithesis of a multi-tasker. Last week he came home and proudly announced that he read an article stating multi-taskers actually get less accomplished than their counterpart. The cause; they typically have to go back and redo what they’ve already done. Okay, I’ll admit this can be true. While working, I quickly realized not everything can or should be done quickly. Making big mistakes, particularly at work don’t pay. Then again there are times when a snails pace just won’t do. There are other times my husband’s meticulous, detailed style is ideal. My opinion, this world needs both, don’t you agree?


  1. I am such a multi tasked and my husband... not so much! I agree that sometimes my multi tasking leads to mistakes or incomplete projects. I try to strike a balance, when I can!

  2. Kasey, thanks for your comment! Must be a common husband wife challenge. So you are right, in those situations balance is typically the answer.

  3. Great post and insight. All seem to have a place.
    I do believe that when we are truly living in the moment, we give more quality.

  4. Tammy, is it possible to be 'in the moment' and clean toilets? Just kidding. Joking aside, thanks for your comment!

  5. I am following you back!! Thank you for visiting Mama's Little Chick! Love the music!

    Mama Hen

  6. I am a multi-tasker, and my husband is a 'one thing at a time' guy. I think we need each other, I do things quickly, he is meticulous. It works out.

    I love your blogging style, Im glad that I found your blog!

  7. HI Rachel, thanks for stopping by! It appears this theme is pretty common, the woman is the multi-tasker and the male is the meticulous one. Good thing we find each other; to balance each other out. Thanks again!


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