Sunday, May 16, 2010

Wanted: Identity

Some people are meant to be artists while others are meant to be attorneys. Do you ever wonder what you are destined to become? I often wonder and I do look forward to discovering that sweet spot of professional identity. My professional career has been good; I’ve done well in all my jobs. Past opportunities have been more about learning who I am and who I’m not. Now that I’m a mother I’m supposed to say my passion is being a mother. I love being a Mom and dreamed of the role for years. No job is more important than being a good parent; a role that lasts a lifetime. And so, I’m happy to be a Mom but realize that it is not where my professional destiny resides. One day I’ll find my passion, it will be easy, fun and extremely rewarding. Until then my job is do be a good mother and wife. How about you, have you found your professional passion? If so, how did you find it?


  1. (You have a lot of great songs on your blog, btw)

    This is a tough question!! I feel like I would like to pursue photography as a career in my next "phase" of life. I would like to focus on my kid(s) while there are little first, though. When they are older and are hanging out with their friends on the weekends, then I can be out shooting weddings and stuff without guilt. ;) Or at least I think so... only time will tell!

  2. Kim, thanks for your comment! I agree, if it suits you to be a SAHM now then great. Even more so I admire your next chapter, photography. I'm sure you'll do it, when the time is right! Thanks again for stopping by

  3. I'm following you back now. I have to say- I really enjoy reading your posts. They are the perfect length and very thought provoking.

    As for me- I've never really had much of a professional life. I didn't work in high school, wouldn't call it work in college, and got married quick, had babies quick. So, honestly, I think the Mom thing is my passion.

    Although, don't get me wrong, it's taking me a long time to get used to it and comfortable in it. I'm not completely there yet- and really would love to teach, in a public school setting. And of course, writing books!

  4. Christina, thank you for stopping by, following me and your thoughtful comment. Based on your blog, it sounds like writing books or rather publishing books is your ideal. I hope you get there someday! Thanks again!

  5. It has been a little bit of a wild ride for me. I was a teacher (loved the kids...hated the grading) a coach (loved the kids...hated the parents) a SAHM (loved the kids...hated the monotony) and now because I've identified how much I love the kids, I am going back to my very first childhood write...and of course that will give me freedom to be with the kids, to guide the kids and to be one every once in a while if I want! great questions!!!

  6. Meagan, thanks for your thoughtful comment. Writing - what a great passion! Cheers to you for recognizing what you want and need. Thanks again and good luck with the book!


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