Monday, June 7, 2010

Paying Attention

Controlling our attention seems to be really really hard these days. Between all the e-communication and multi-dimensional lives, it’s no wonder we all have a very hard time focusing. The most interesting and dare I say rude observance of this time is the cell phone. There is an expectation that people should be available whenever, wherever. I’m not a fan of people who, during a conversation, pull out their cell phone to retrieve a call or text message. All their action is telling me is that I’m no longer interesting and said text will most certainly be.
Thanks, thanks a lot.
My sister was a classic “gotta look at my texts even though I’m having a face to face conversation with you”, kind of a gal. During one of her quarterly visits we were chatting, well I was chatting with her and she was chatting and texting. So I said to her, while looking at her phone, “Is everything okay?” She responds by saying, “Yeah, her dog watcher just texted something funny about the dogs”. Okay I like dogs, but, Really? So I said to her, “I find it interesting that you’re here for a visit but you are more interested in what’s going on elsewhere.” My sweet dear sister then put her cell phone away.
So my question is what’s with our need to be so connected all the time? Are we starving for more meaningful connections yet fill them with 10 characters or less?


  1. I couldn't agree more! It drives me crazy when I'm talking to someone and they are texting. My sister sends about 3000 texts a month... wouldn't it be easier to call the person? What could you possibly have to say? I have a heard enough time replying to emails let alone text messages!

  2. That's funny your sister needs a texting intervention as well! We can't all be perfect like us....:-)


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