Thursday, June 10, 2010

Reaching Out

While shopping for summer dresses for my little girl, a fellow mom shopper started a conversation with me. We talked about all the cute clothes for girls etc etc. After a while she told me she was new to the area. I told her it can be hard meeting other Mom’s in our area then named a few places where Moms hang out with their little ones. As we were checking out to purchase our sweet baby girl clothes, I decided to write my name and e-mail down so that this Mom would have a fellow Mom to connect with. She has since e-mailed me and we have a playdate scheduled.

The point of this blog is that I remember contemplating whether I should or should not give her my name and number. She seemed nice and being a new mom in a strange town must be incredibly hard. I’ve moved to new cities several times and making those first few friendly contacts seems to be the most difficult. Assuming no one is putting their life at risk, why don’t we all reach out more? (note: I am not typically this friendly to complete strangers)


  1. I don't know, but have often wondered the same thing. When we first moved to our town, our family tried to reach out to the new neighbors by being the "welcome committee". Even though we were new, we were the ones that baked organic cookies from scratch, put them in hand-painted cookie bags, along with our names, house #, and phone #, and went door to door introducing ourselves. I have to be honest, more often than not, we were met with odd looks rather than friendly ones.

    We tried for the first few years, and after being unable to create that sense of old-school community, I think we just gave up.

    I think its wonderful what you did for that mom! The world needs more of that, and you made a difference in another person's life.

    Thanks for following me, and I'm following you back! :)

  2. I really need to make more of an effort myself when it comes to that. I don't have a lot of friends with kiddos, so I really need to try to meet some!

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  3. Firecracker celebration in order! Good for you. I knew I was drawn to you for a reason...I am the reach out type too, and I am not sure why others are not like that, but I guess if you are that type, you just have to be the one to do it! I have made some lifelong friends that way.

  4. Good for you!! Ya, its hard to make new friends in a new town. That is something I struggle with here. Mom in this area just think that are gods gift and are very stuck up!!

  5. All great comments, ladies! Sofia, your efforts sound so sincere and thoughtful. It's tough, sometimes your just not in the mood to extend yourself, while other times your social butterfly numero uno.

  6. Great question, it's *almost* easier not to reach out. Maybe fear of rejection, inconvenience, safety. That's why I love what you did for this mom! It's hard to forget someone's kindness when you need it most.

  7. So cool so so cool TV Takes.
    What else can I say!


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