Saturday, June 12, 2010

That Is One Neat Seat

A good friend of mine has one of those Mother’s that can sew anything, beautifully! I personally do not have this talent and always admire women who do. She has made my little munchkin a cute dress, a beautiful sweater and the neatest little booster seat harness I have ever seen. Here is KLV sitting very politely in ‘The Neat Seat’. As you can see it keeps her in her place quite well. The seats come in a variety of patterns and colors. Sarah and her Mom are selling these seats for $30.00. If you are interested in purchasing The Neat Seat, please contact Sarah via e-mail at


  1. What a neat seat, literally! I've never seen anything like that before. KLV looks content in it.

  2. What a sweet pic! Starting following you - found you on Mom Bloggers Club. Great site!

  3. Cool seat! She is so dang cute


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