Sunday, July 18, 2010

Play Date Etiquette

Play date etiquette is definitely a learned activity. Sometimes the ‘date’ is a new acquaintance so setting boundaries is always a good thing. A good friend once told me one of her first time play dates lasted 5 hours - eek! Play dates are as much about getting little ones together as it is allowing Mom’s to interact with fellow adults. In order to help ensure everyone has a good time, here are a few guidelines I use when it comes to play dates:

• Set a start and end time (ideally no more than 2 hrs).
• Bring your own drink and snacks
• Bring spare diaper/wipes
• Help pick up the tornado your child helped create
• Be respectful of the other child’s temperament, if it seems like it’s time to go – exit stage left.

I’m not perfect and my little one isn’t either but we try to abide by the above in order to get invited back :-). What are some things you do to make play dates go smooth?


  1. We usually host at our house and follow similar etiquette. I do put out a lot of snacks and depending on the age group, I put away some of my daughter's more delicate toys.

  2. Oh good tips...some Mommy's just don't understand when it's OVER. Our play date is small and perfect amount of children and Mommies, but if we open our invitation to more, we'll keep that in mind :) I think your posts are GREAT!!!

  3. I'm part of a Mommy Group and we have play dates several times a week. Several things we have found useful:

    - The host usually has coffee and a snack but everyone is welcome (not mandatory) to bring a snack for the adults. The kids either have what we have, or we bring our own stuff for the kids if we want them to have something specific (or not).

    - Yes, the limited time is absolutely a must. We set start and end times.

    - Kai often wants to bring a toy or his blankie, which we do leave in the car, so it doesn't get lost. If we have people come over, those specifics that he is attached to are put away as well.

    Have a great Sunday!

  4. You are right TV, there should be some kind of playdate etiquette. Following simple steps can make it so much more fun and easy! We always come prepared with snacks and drinks and when I host I always make sure to have extra snacks and things in the house. Keeping it in a time frame is always good, because little ones get tired and can get fussy! I hope you had a great weekend!

    Mama Hen

  5. what on earth do you do when the parenting of the other children does not coincide with yours. This child of our good friends who just moved to town has bad attitude, throws out shut ups and eats candy and wont eat anything at all and the parents let it go! A little frustrating!

  6. I agree, and I just wish every parent would follow the "rules". My daughter didn't start hitting until she was around a little boy who rough houses with his older brothers and started doing it with her, too. Now she hits her cousin when she's frustrated.
    Oh, btw, hi there! I'm following you back from blog hop friday! Your daughter is beautiful!!!

  7. Yes especially to the tornado. Mine usually create windfalls of hurricane proportions and that's fine. But they know to clean (well, one does. The other just figured out where his pee-pee is.)

    Anyway, there is etiquette. Or just plain old decency. And yes to the 2 hour limit--playdates at my house, while awesome, should not be a regular afternoon off from yours. (Unless we're really, really close. Then it's all good.)

    Just sayin.


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