Wednesday, July 7, 2010

You Are Only As Good As Your Last Post & Some Awards

Have you ever felt that your blog is only as good as your last post? Perhaps your recent posting isn’t going to resonate with new followers but you hope they scroll down through the many ‘really good’ posts. Surely they will find one that connects with them.
Some bloggers post every day, others post a few times a week, while others post once a month. Regardless it can be challenging to always have an interesting topic that a wide variety of followers will be interested in. So kudos to all of you who work so hard to be inclusive, inspirational and interesting. And it is on that note that I must thank the following bloggers for recognizing my efforts.
Amy at Thingamajigetc for the Beautiful Blogger Award. Amy is just one of those girls you like. She’s got a bright sunny personality and her blog is full of fun crafty ideas for the kiddos.

Kelley at Kelleysbreakroom for the Sugar Doll Award. Now Kelley is all about humor and I just love that. Her posts are anything but ordinary and that’s why you’ve got to check her out.

Jinnia at Jinnia Low for the Cherry On Top Awards and A Blog With Substance. Two awards Jinnia, you are too generous. Her blog is full of honesty and kindness – what more could I/we ask for in a bloggy friend.

Mama at  Mamaslittlechick for A Blog With Substance Award. She is one of those people you admire and secretly want to be more like.

You girls are the best, thanks again! Please be sure to check out all of their blogs. This is an incredibly supportive group of bloggers and I’m happy to be running in their circle.

As most of you know, these awards come with strings. Since we are talking about 5 awards I’m going to combine all the ‘strings’.
7 things about me (from the beautiful blogger award): It took me days to think these up, here it goes:
1) I grew up on a ranch in ND and had my own horse (I miss riding).
2) I love to cook and entertain
3) After being home with KLV for 5 months, I really thought I would miss going into a conventional job everyday, but I don’t.
4) My Mom introduced me to my husband.
5) I’ve always enjoyed writing but never thought anyone would be interested in what I had to say.
6) I’m the youngest of 5 kids
7) I would really like to have a Girls Night Out with all my bloggy friends – ahhh dare to dream.
My Blogging Philosophy in 5 words (from the Blog With Substance Award): Concise, Interesting, Thought Provoking, Fun.
Now I get to pass on the awards to the following 7 blogs. Congrats ladies!
I would also like to bestow all the above awards right back to those that awarded me. Thank you again!


  1. Thank you for the awards! I'm with you on #5... I love to write but I am humbly surprised to have found so may people that enjoy reading what I have to write. The best compliment is the most recent one from my Dad because I didn't even know he read it!

    Congrats on your awards! You deserve them!

  2. Wow, 5 awards! Congrats, you definitely deserve them all! Thank you for the blove! #7 is a fantastic dream to have, I'll dare to dream with you on that one. It's neat your mom introduced you to your husband, I'm curious to know how that came about, if you don't mind sharing ;)

  3. Thanks for the award! I always love reading your blog. Ok, can I list 7 things about me here?
    1) I've never been on top of the Empire State Building, even though I worked five blocks from there for 10 years, on and off.
    2)My favorite color is pink, but I look horrible in it.
    3)I could eat pizza and chocolate forever without getting sick of it.
    4) My hips are getting freakishly big.
    5) My kids are the greatest on earth.
    6) I wish my hubbie took me on dates...sigh!
    7) I want a part time nanny. No, full time.

  4. Thank you so very much for the awards! Wow, how fantastic!! I am so with you on #5 and still get so excited when I receive comments, let alone awards!! Thanks for shifting my focus for a moment from toddler vomit to blog-love.

    As for #7 - we should figure out where people are from. Aren't you in the LA area? If there are more blogger moms here, maybe we can arrange that some time. Thoughts?

  5. Jinnia, I'll draft a blog of how I met my husband.....
    HRH, I live in the Palm Springs/Palm Desert area - 100+miles away, not too far.
    Anyone else want to share their local?

  6. You go girl! You deserve these TV! Congratulations! :)

    Mama Hen

  7. By the way TV, would love a girls night out with all the super bloggy gals! Little Chick loves horses! That is so great you grew up with riding! Thank you for the awards! Wow! I have to get to my thank yous.

    Mama Hen

  8. Seriously, honestly, truly, THANK YOU so much TV! I really appreciate this.
    Warmest wishes,

  9. Very cool, TV! I look forward to reading how it all happened :)

    I live in San Mateo, about 30 min. south of San Francisco.

  10. Hey TV! Thank you for stopping by today! I hope you have a great day!

    Mama Hen

  11. Live in the San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles. Hmmm, Palm Springs, San Mateo, darn, why does this state have to be so friggin' big?

  12. Thanks for stopping by my blog - I'm following you back. Great blog...and I love the songs!!

  13. Hi, I'm stopping by from the Follow Me, Chickadee link-up. You were the blog above mine! Congrats on all those blog awards you just won! I love the songs on your playlist - nothing like that awesome version of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" to start the day off right!

  14. Thank you for the award! Love the questioning that goes on here!


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