Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My Business vs Theirs

Over the past few years I’m slowly learning that other people’s decisions are theirs and in general should not affect me (safety concerns aside).

Example: A relative being careless with money. While this may affect me 15 years from now, there is nothing I can do now (trust me) to change the situation.

With that realization, there is no reason to expound any mental energy on a situation I do not own.

Focusing on my prerogative versus what someone else is or is not doing eliminates a great deal of animosity and resentment.

Now it’s your turn, are you good at staying in line with your own business?


  1. I am so bad at minding my own business when it comes to certain people. It's so hard when you see someone making mistakes and you can't doing anything to change their mind. Such a great lesson but hard to follow sometimes!

  2. oh I wish I was good at this, but I'm not. I totally get into business that I CAN'T fix and that is NOT mine :) I try to mind my manners, HOWEVER I'm italian and nosy and loud and gotta get my two cents in whatever way I can. Now, when it's friends and not family, I mind my business VERY well...I know its NONE Of my business actually, BUT family is another story...maybe I'll work on your advice, knowing that there's NOTHING i can do to fix it anyway, why waste the energy and time??!!!

  3. For the most part, sure - I tend to mind my own business. :-) I think that's why my friends tend to stick close to me, I don't go too deeply into their lives, unless they want to share - and they know I will be fair and non judgemental with them. I suppose it is one of my (few) good qualities! ;-)

  4. I am so bad about this when it comes to family members. I just want them to get out of the bad situations they find themselves in, but it never works. I am trying my best to not let things effect me.
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  5. Hi! Usually I try to stay out of other people's problems because I've got my own but it doesn't always work. For me it's one of those easier said than done things because I want to help. :)

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  6. I used to get VERY worked up over my MIL's lack of spending discretion/budgeting and other financial choices. It caused many fights with my husband and after a while I realized I just needed to let it go. No matter how I tried to advise the MIL or help, she was going to continue her ways and there was nothing I could do about it. Once I let go of that, the hubby and I have never argued about it again.

  7. My husband and I enjoy passing judgement on others between the two of us. I stay out of saying anything to the actual people.

  8. Well said. Yes and no. I have struggled with not getting all huffy and puffy about things that other people do at times. Although I think how friends spend their money wouldn't bother me so much if they didn't come to us to borrow money when they need it, they kind of make their problems my problem when they do that.

    This is definitely something to strive for, to mind your own business and only worry about situations that you can control.

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  10. Yes, I definitely think so! I have enough going on in my life to worry over that I don't have the energy to deal with other people's business matters. I guess if I really saw a big problem, I might not be "minding my own business" as much. Thanks for bringing this point up, though! I might actually be in other people's business more than I know. (Sidenote: thanks for stopping my blog & letting me know you liked some of those funny definitions. "Sedper" was one of my favorites, too!)

  11. Love your question! For the most part, I don't get much into other people's business unless they want to share it with me. Then I do my best to listen and encourage. If they have issues I think a more qualified person can help them with, I'll refer them.

  12. After many years of therapy I can honestly say I'm pretty good at minding my own business and staying out of other people's drama. Money well spent! :-)

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    living well, spending less

  13. So true! :-)

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  14. I tend to go with the "I don't know everything" approach; part of my own battle with self doubt. When a situation presents itself that causes me concern, I realize that there may be a facet of the issue that I'm not aware of and therefore my opinion may not be based on all the facts. I may be fooling myself but it helps me sleep at night ;-)

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  16. While I never say anything to the other person/people, my hubby sure gets an earful...

    "Can you believe so and so did this and that?"

  17. I usually avoid to mind other's business
    I'm a good a listener when somenone discuss the problem with me. And in opposite, I don't like the situation when other people try to enter our life, want to know everything in our home, how much does I pay for the children clothes,etc
    Oh goodness gracious !! Is there still a kind of that person in this world? yes, there is

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  18. Great question! Really got me thinking...
    I spend FAR too much time worrying about what other people are doing!
    It's really how gossip starts though, isn't it?
    If everyone worried more about their own business and less about other people's business then gossiping would never be a problem!

  19. My immediate family is very low key and we all respect each others business pretty husband's family (who I do love also) are the exact opposite. They thrive off of drama, impulsive and dangerous decisions and to be does tend to impact my hubby and I so it's hard not to get involved at times. It is wise not to get into things that don't really matter though! Great point today!

  20. This is soo hard to do! I'm trying to take the leads from my husband and stay out of stuff :) Thank you for following, and I'm looking forward to reading more from you!

  21. Hey TV, this is yet again a great post! I do not get involved in other people's business, however, have had certain people get involved in mine without knowing all of the facts. That said, I think at times it is best to try to keep to ourselves, because we do not always know everything. Have a great night! Hope you are dpoing well my friend!

    Mama Hen


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