Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Premature Declarations

Apparently I enjoy making premature declarations on life. We’re talking friendships, career opportunities and the list goes on. Example: If xyz doesn’t happen by Friday, then it’s off.

Truth be told, I don’t enjoy making premature declarations but admittedly, I do it when my emotions are involved.

Being one step ahead of things gives me the ability to cut someone out if they fall short of my expectations.

More times than not, I’m wrong about my ‘out of the gate’ assumptions. This is a defense mechanism I have yet to delete from my brain.

In general, humans don’t try to disappoint one another; we all just have different expectations and different life forces pulling us in various directions. Every time I remember that point, I inch toward being the person I want to become.

Have you ever fallen victim to premature declarations?


  1. I'm a major planner so I often have "out of the gate" assumptions, but I have found it is all about how you manage your expectations.

    Have I mentioned enough times how adorable little KLV is?! SO CUTE!!

  2. I don't do this much, I'm more of a "I'll give you one more chance, I always have faith in you" kinda girl. But, if I were a little more prone to making these declarations, maybe I would spare myself a little heartache and disappointment. Learning to align expectations with reality is a hard lesson, but I've learned not to expect so much from other people, and expect more from myself instead.

    How's the new Rebel? I hope you are having fun playing with it!

  3. I tend to not do this much, but I'm usually the one dissapointed when its said and done. Depending on the situation, I think I have learned to know who to lean on and trust and then there are the ones where YOU must expect yourself to step up always...

  4. I do that about dieting. I seriously want to lose 10-15 pounds before the end of the year. I'm always declaring that I'll do this or that toward that goal, but then sabotage with a chicken fried steak or something. Ugh. I'm getting back on track now...

  5. I totally understand the diet thing! I always set dieting goals and become extremely discouraged if I don't meet it, and then I end up pity eating. Because that really helps! (Not really). I do get my feelings hurt if a friend does not respond the way I thought they would to something, but I am so close to my friends that we usually hash it out immediately. BTW your daughter is super cute!

  6. Sure, I've felt this way. I guess sometimes I just want things to happen "now!" I agree that people in general don't set out to disappoint us. In fact, I think all of us are struggling with time, deadlines, and the complications of life. I often daydream about what I could really accomplish in my friendships, community, etc. if I just had a little more time myself. (Love your beautiful little girl!)

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  9. TV my mom always says to me that I should not already think about what will happen, because I might be surprised to see that things actually do work out. I think it is a protective thing that helps prepare us just in case. I also think that if there have been a lot of challenges in a persons life that have made them feel like things could go wrong or not work out, it is an important part of easing the pain before it does happen. I do try to be better about it though. Great post my friend! Have a great day!

    Mama Hen

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  11. I have an ambitious nature and when I'm not careful with setting realistic goals, I end up making these declarations and taking on too much. I'm working on doing better in this. I hope you have a great weekend!


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