Friday, December 3, 2010

Honest Sincerity

At times, being honestly sincere can be a challenge for me.

In a time when we are constantly on the go and communication is dwindling to 100 characters or less, I question sincerity in my life.

Am I being sincere enough?

Are others around me being honestly sincere?

I also sincerely think I question everything too much, then again if there weren’t questions this blog would not exist. Ha!

There are days my soul is more sincere than others. On my off days, sometimes a ‘fake’ is necessary. Not because I’m trying to be a jerk but my emotional bank account is running low.

How about you, do you consider yourself honestly sincere? Do you think people can see through your occasional lack of sincerity, honestly?


  1. Sincerity is a tough issue ... when I pray is my heart 100% into it? Probably not. When someone says, "How are you doing," and I say fine, am I always.

    Raising the question keeps us honest though. Good post. wb

  2. I try to give my whole self to everyone but like you said, it can be tiring and sometimes a "fakeness" is necessary, I guess?? People that don't have time to give me honesty, aren't really people I surround myself with. Good post :) Have a great day!

  3. I try my best to be sincere at all times but sometimes when I am exhausted and zoned out I cannot fully give myself, but I usually let the person know, or they can usually tell by the way I am acting. But there are times when fakeness is necessary like the person in front of you is taking their good old time paying and I have an unhappy baby and I give them a fake smile when inside I want to scream "hurry the heck up!" lol I always try to be nice to strangers because I hate when people are rude for no apparent reason.
    I think a rude person can turn a happy mooded person in a bad mood or in kind of a funk because I sometimes get caught off guard by rude people and it makes me mad! Anyways not sure where I am going with this but I try my best to be happy on the outside :)

  4. I try really hard to be honest and sincere as much as I can. But, I am with you some days are just harder then others and I just "fake" my way through the day. Like Warren about when someone asks "How are you?"sometimes, for me it is just easier to say "fine" even if really may not be.
    I hope you and your family have a wonderful weekend!
    BTW, the pictures of KVL are adorable!

  5. To be perfectly honest - I go back and forth with it all. Sometimes it is like pulling teeth to get a kind word from me. And I wonder if sincerity is confused sometimes with compassion. When I really think about what it means to be sincere.. I associate it with kindness. But you are right - it is about honesty, and sometimes honesty is not kind...

    Yikes.. I need to lay off the cold medicine. I am going off the deep end! hahahaha

  6. I try to be sincere but it's not always realistic. I try to be as sincere as I can be without hurting someone's feelings. I am struggling with my brother at the moment so some things I say are very sugar coated because I know that if I am too honest then I will ruin our relationship for a while. So, I dance around things hoping to lead him in the right direction.

  7. I think in real life I'm sincere. Blog commenting is another thing. I hope to find something I can say sincerely in a comment and if not, I pass by. I can't be sure I'm always so sincere though.

    I don't interact with a lot of people in real life. I think that helps the emotional "bank account" and the sincerity as well.

  8. Being honest is something I value dearly and I do my best to be sincere and open. I have learned to do it selectively because some people may just ask, "How are you" to be polite. When I'm struggling with something not a whole lot of people can relate to, I usually keep it to myself and 1 or 2 other people. I think people can tell when I'm feeling down but I try my best to not stay there. Your questions are great, TV!

  9. I think I'm very sincere when I tell auditors to get out of my office :) No, kidding, kidding...actually, just this morning I have a fake "good" reply to a "how are you doing?" question, but then again I didn't really think the dentist wanted a full run down on my life. I the level of sincerity depends on who I'm dealing with. My family and friends get more of it :)

    We're off to Chicago this weekend for an early holiday with my parents. I bet we'll see snow!! Eekk!

  10. I strive to be sincere and genuine, but sometimes you just can't 100% of the time. Sometimes your heart isn't in a conversation or your thoughts are elsewhere. Sometimes a simple answer is all there is.

    And, I love that you question things so much! You get the rest of us bozos out there thinking about things that matter :)


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