Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Shelf Life of Our Experiences

Do you ever see people who’ve had their fair share of life experiences but don’t seem to learn a darned thing from them? Nada. Nilch. Zip.

Oh sure, we are all guilty of forgetting what we learned from time to time. Learning and then applying those lessons to life is not always easy.

This year I’m striving to toss the baggage and reel in the good. I feel like
it’s a now or never kind of time in my life.

So it is with that statement I must ask, are you really, truly, honestly putting your life experiences and lessons to good use?

Or is their shelf life about to expire?


  1. I've had two of those big "life experiences" and I think about both just about ever day. I don't know if it will fade over time, but I do live by those lessons learned.

  2. I think it takes thought to apply life lessons and lots of times I don't sit down and think about things before I react. I think it's the same for most people, we learn something but applying it is harder.

    KLV looks so cute in her Santa hat! Adorable!

  3. I put the big ones to use's those little lessons learned that I tend to forget.

    For example, my Dad died young...I now am much better about cherishing every moment because you never know when your life will change dramatically.

    I am not as good as I could be about remembering to shut up and listen.

  4. Probably not as much as I should. I thought I would try the whole go with my heart routine.. and well, sometimes that is a little more risky than I normally would try!

    The older I get.. the better I get at it.

    Good one to add to the list of things to practice in the New Year.

  5. Oh goodness these pictures are so cute of KLV! I just joined the gym yesterday and plan on losing a lot of baggage on the inside and out in the coming new year my friend. Yes, some of us have had our fair share of "life experience" and it is important to learn from them. Your blog looks great! Have a good day my friend!

    Mama Hen

  6. That is a very good question. I try, but sometimes I do forget. I am at the same place in my life. It's now or never for a LOT of things. Life it too short to live with regret. Thanks for stopping by LYLASandCo. We appreciate your support!

  7. Life is short, so we must learn to forgive. However, dealing with my father and the things he put my mother and I through and the struggles due to his unfaithfulness and MANY more lies, it's hard to forget, but I have forgiven. I definitely know people that do NOT learn from mistakes and I know I strive to learn from each thing that I do...ALWAYS! Hope I'm doing a good job of it??...have a great day :)

  8. I like to think that I've learned from past experiences, namely the MISTAKES, although often it is hard to break habits. I'm in the habit of giving people too many chances, of always assuming the good in people, when sometimes that isn't the case.

    More than that, though. I plan on talking openly about my life experiences with my kids and hopefully they'll learn from some of momma's experiences :)

    BTW, looks like you are loving your camera! That photo of KLV Claus is awesome - perfect lighting on her beautiful face!

  9. If you ignore the lessons, then I believe that life will just keep handing you the same type of situations until you do learn. So, if you find yourself stuck in some patterns, it is time to take stock.

  10. Yes, I think I've learned from some but not from others. For example, I'm a huge makes me stressed, and I know it causes my family a lot of anxiety because I'm so close to having a nervous breakdown when things seem like they are going terribly wrong. Sometimes it's hard to change bad, lifelong habits...

  11. Oh, they get plenty of use...I think. NO, I'm pretty sure I use them. I watch out better for lamp posts when backing out of a parking space so I won't dent the back bumper...again. Does that count? (BTW, loved your definition for "tionisis", though, I must admit, I almost needed a barf bag. "Unwanted growths throughout the body"? Ewww!!! & Haaaa!!!)

  12. No, but what I CAN say is that I am finally facing things head on and finally making a conscious effort to work out my issues from my past so that I don't have to keep living life with that baggage.

    Since you've been following my journey, you already know that I've made a commitment to tackle my OCD issues. I CAN honestly say that I have made big strides and that it is making a huge positive impact on my life, my marriage, our family, and the relationships that matter most to me.

    I still have a ways to go, but I hav hope in my heart for the future...

  13. This is such a timely question for me, thank you for asking this, "Are you really, truly, honestly putting your life experiences and lessons to good use?"

    I would have to say I'm one of those people who absorb a lot and struggle with applying those lessons to life.

    So I can relate with you, it’s a now or never kind of time in my life too.


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