Monday, December 13, 2010

The Ultimate Need?

With the holidays in full swing; it’s that time of year where xmas wishes are requested. During a recent conversation with my sister, she asked what I needed for xmas. I responded, “I don’t need anything but I would like something from Anthropologie, JCrew or Banana.” My wants are trivial; niceties really.

Of course there are indeed fellow humans who do need this time of year and all throughout the year. They need homes, blankets, food, clothes, hope, love and compassion.
Some of us will give to the poor and sick, others will not.

Regardless of what we give to the less fortunate, perhaps the most important is hope, love and compassion.

Perhaps at the very least we can shower our loved ones with these qualities.

Failure to use these fine qualities of humanity proves to be the biggest need going.

Which brings me to my question, are you giving to someone in need this holiday?


  1. We participated in a couple of charitable things this year through Julia's school. I'm always very clear about using that "need" word too. We stay pretty stocked up on things we need.

  2. I "adopted" a child through Jersey Cares this season and bought him some Christmas gifts. I do that every year. Last year I "adopted" three kids through three different organizations but this year we could only afford to do one.

  3. What a beautiful post TV! Yes, it is a time of giving and it is sad, but some people will not be getting the things they so desperately need. I do not know if I said this yet, but your blog looks great and the pictures of KLV are absolutley adorable! have a great day my friend!

    Mama Hen

  4. Absolutely! Our neighborhood adopted a family who is a bit down due to a job loss. Our family bought them a night at the movies!

    We also recently dropped off a bunch of food at our local food bank.

  5. First off, Santa KLV is absolutely precious! Great photos!!!

    We are going to donate to a few charities this year, but also continue throughout the year. Seems like people forget after the holidays. :(

    I do try to instill into my children the importance of being grateful, but like you said, having compassion for others. I think it so important. People say I am too compassionate, but I think that's an oxymoron.

    As usual, you posts really make me think. Love your blog, mama :)

  6. First of all - I LOVE the new background. It is so pretty.

    Second - I am trying to forgive others and show compassion. That's how I am helping the "needy" this year.

  7. You're right, and I think it's been hard for me to get "into" the commercialized "christmas spirit" because I don't think my family needs anything else! With one side our our extended family, we collectively decided to scale it down -- in years past, we collected blankets to donate to a local shelter.

    I need to work on being compassionate and kind as everyone hustles around me!
    Have a great one!

  8. What a brilliant post, TV. We always try to remember those less fortunate especially this time of year, either by doing Toys For Tots, or donating to the food bank. I try and make sure that my girls understand that this season is about giving, especially to those less fortunate. There is definitely a difference between needs & wants, and the majority of us already have our basic needs met.

    About your may want to pick yourself up a Nifty Fifty Lens (50 mm, F/1.8). This is a portrait lens, it's relatively inexpensive. My photos got a lot better once I took off the stock lens and started using that. Also, I have a few buttons on my page for Simplicity's e-classes, I took two, and they really helped me feel my way around the camera. It's also a great way to meet other novice photographers and pros who are willing to lend advice. These photos of KLV are great! It's amazing how quickly things improve when the camera does too! Happy Holidays, my friend!

  9. I love all the pictures of your beautiful daughter!!!!

    We actually sponsor a family in kids really dont need and couldnt possibly want anything more. We get them a few gifts while they are young now and help out a family make Christmas magical for their little ones!!

  10. great, thoughtful post for this holiday season! I always think of the less fortunate during the holidays and what they must go without...last week I made a HUGE donation to our neighbors that bring clothes and baby items to give to those who need them around the holidays, so my Christmas wish is that our items are being used to help keep babies warm this season!

  11. We always try to do more charity work this time of year. We give to Goodwill and Salvation Army regularly (which also helps keep down the clutter) but we could always do more. As a teenage I used to volunteer at soup kitchens and work with Habitat for Humanity, as an adult we give to the easier things because we are busy...but that's a cop out. We should do more. There is always room for improvement. One thing I am pretty good at is checking on and visiting with our 85 year old neighbor woman who lives alone. I take her food and make sure her heat/AC is working well and we chat a while. I could always do more...

  12. TV, I love your new background and additions - and the photos of KLV are adorable! This is a beautiful post highlighting the human need for hope, love, compassion. We've been doing small things like picking out kids' clothes we don't need to give to other kids and sending cards to children who are very sick through Make A Child Smile :)

  13. I definitely think I am this year! My MIL just moved in with us last week. I could definitely be more giving. I appreciate that you said hope, love and compassion are true gifts, too!

  14. Well, I TRIED to donate about 8 bags of items but the truck that was supposed to pick them up yesterday but they never showed. Now I need to find a Goodwill near me.

    I, like you, don't NEED anything. Actually, what I NEED is another week of vacation to take a family trip. But otherwise we're good. At least once a week I try to remind myself just how good we are and how good we have it as a family. It sure makes me grateful!

  15. Yes, we've actually helped my in-laws this season. I've also bought some scarves and toys for different charity drives...Every year I wish I had more time to go to a soup kitchen, etc. to make a difference. One day I know I will be able to...


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