Tuesday, January 11, 2011

’10 Lessons

As I look back on 2010, it was the year I sat on the middle of the teeter totter leaning to one side or another based on the wind, my mood, determination and trepidation.

Here are 10 things I’ve either learned or have been reinforced in’10:

1. I don’t mind working hard at being a good mom and wife, but it’s still hard work

2. I am more courageous than I thought and my worst critic

3. This blogging thing is much more than I gave it

credit for

4. Sometimes it’s okay to turn the other cheek

5. Being loyal and honest are still good qualities

6. Being a Stay at Home Mom is more rewarding and more difficult than I thought

7. I have to work really hard for what I want

8. My daughter is teaching me how to be patient

9. Loves: Pilates, epicurious.com, Neutrogena skin care line

10. Analyzing everything can be a gift and a curse. It’s time to look forward

2011 looks to be the year I jump off the teeter totter. I will be working at looking forward and going for it.

This life has to be lived and it may be messy and funny and sad and scary but there will be no shoulda coulda woulda’s.

What has the past year taught you about yourself and what you want?


  1. Oh My.. I think that would be several blog posts. Most importantly, I am learning to lean more not on my understanding, but to trust in the basics: God, Family, Friends.. just realize I am not alone, and I do have a support system.. and all is well. :-)

    I love your list.

  2. "This life has to be lived and it may be messy and funny and sad and scary but there will be no shoulda coulda woulda’s." reminds me of my favorite saying:

    There is no dress rehearsal for life. You get one shot at it...make it the best!

  3. I enjoyed reading what 2010 taught you and I too like your closing statement! 2010 was a big year for us. Ten years alone as guy and gal and then a baby came along and rocked our world. The most amazing thing ever and the most challenging. The year taught us a lot more about ourselves, stretched us, grew us and most importantly taught us even more about love, sacrifice, patience etc. I want to make sure to always save my best for my family and if other things are coming in the way they need to go. Looking forward to this year!

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  5. I love this kind of reflection TV! I'm so with you on No. 10...I struggle with not letting that gift be my curse...there is such a thing as over analyizing :) 2010 taught me that sometimes my expectations of others causes problems. I need to figure out how NOT to expect certain behaviors from people. I also learned that friendships should not be one-sided! Great post as usual, my friend!

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  8. Last year taught me quite a few things like being patient like you stated and my need for God focused female friends especially those in my church community.

    Also spending more time with my kids and doing things together as a family. I was stay at home mom, now I'm back to the world of Advertising and Marketing. I am so glad you came by as well, I am following you and looking forward to more post like this one.

    Lisa @ Lesapea xx

  9. This past year tried to teach me lessons in taking care of myself. I am looking forward to a more nurtured self this year!

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  13. couldn't agree more with what you learned because I feel the same way. Although I may still need help on my boys teaching me patience, sometimes I tend to lose my mind but LOVE every second of it! I have definitely learned how to NOT take ANYTHING for granted in this beautiful life. I have been staying at home with my boys for over a year now and you are SO right, its tough but its THE best job EVER :)

    Great post, thanks!

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  15. Those are some great lessons! I can relate to so many but especially how much hard work it is to be a good mom and wife. It's so much harder to be a stay at home mom than I thought and there is not a day that goes by that I don't think of my mom and wonder how she did it with 5 of us! Happy New Year!

  16. This post is wonderful! Being a mom is hard work and being a stay at home mom really does teach us so much! It is not easy, but it is the most rewarding thing! Great post! Have a super night! We are getting more snow! We are so excited!

    Mama Hen

  17. 2010 has taught me to stop fixating on being perfect and to start LIVING. This year I'm going to make plans now instead of waiting for the right time. No more waiting. Today is the day!

  18. It has taught me that I have to be even more patient.

    Not be afraid of challenges.

  19. Followed you back from the blog hop. Mary B. (Nuts 4 Stuff)

    I learned that life doesn't always work out as you may plan. So maintain a sense of humor and hang in there because something better may be waiting for you just ahead!

    I like your site. Those pictures of your little girl are precious!

  20. I have to agree with the analyzing everything! Thanks for following me on My Life is a Reality Show...I am returning the favor by being your new follower :) BTW, love the pics of your little one!


  21. Great lessons learned! It would take me a while to think of 10 but one more recent one is to live for the present, not the future. We are going stir crazy in the Atlanta snow. We tried to drive out today and nearly slid back into a ditch. The neighbors helped us navigate back onto the ice-less patches. Such fools we are!

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  24. I've learned to stand up for what you believe in and never back down. That is probably the biggest lesson I learned last year.

    Thank you for the follow, I'm following your blog also :)

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  25. Newest follower, I've learned in 2010 to "go for it." I've written a parenting book and pursuing a dream. All the best!



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  28. Great post! It was exactly what i needed this morning.

    BTW, your little girl is adorable!

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    Isn't it amazing how when we take the time to reflect on things we've learned we realize we've come a long ways?!?

  31. Following you back! Thanks for stopping by! Your little one is adorable!

  32. Obviously this post spoke volumes to lots of people. I am no different. I felt as if you were writing only for me. I too embrace/fight daily my position in the world. Some days I love calling myself a stay at home mom/babysitter for best friends kids and other days I want to call myself something way more noble or glamorous. I'm working on excepting myself and the position I hold in the world. I love my life, I just don't always like it. Thank you for this post.

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  34. It sounds like you've had a year with a lot going on! I would say this year has been a lesson in making do, moving forward when I just didn't think I could anymore, and learning to be more patient (still working on that one, a lot!) :-)

  35. Life is one big teeter totter. I'm not sure it's possible to get off!

  36. What an awesome post, TV - and unforgettable lessons to boot. Your picture of the teeter totter pretty much marked my 2010 as well. This year I'm also going for it - my banner year to crush the fear. It's going to be a mess but like you, I was tired of being held back and not living the life I'm designed for, the God-given life I want.


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