Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Dentist & My Tool Bag

Going to the dentist has turned into a wonderful respite from a very busy 2 year old. Looking forward to my appointment, I arrived a few minutes early. As I sat down in the waiting room with my magazines an older woman walks in and starts the complaint train. I knew not to look at her; not to talk with her. I was in a spicy mood, so against my better judgment I engaged. She proceeded to talk about the cost of dental care. I gave her my retort. She didn’t like it and got snippy. I told her that it might be best if we stop chit chatting because she seemed incredibly agitated. I was angry with this cantankerous woman because she destroyed my 30 minutes of peace prior to the teeth scrapping.

Truth is I destroyed my 30 minutes of peace. The past few weeks I’ve lost my tool bag of ‘being the better person’. I’m going to spend the next few weeks repacking that tool bag (I hope).
What’s in your tool bag?


  1. I've got a whole lot of patience packed in my tool bag. After comforting/dealing with a sick and irritable baby for four days, I've learned just how important that tool is (the cleaning up vomit tool also came in handy).

    Ahh, we all let people/situations get the best of us sometimes, sometimes a good debate is good for the soul.

    Love the photo of you and KLV! You are totally rockin' the stripes!

  2. I like the analogy of tool bag. I'm sorry your moments of peace were not granted. It's not fun to deal with someone else's complaints. You did great telling her it'd be best to stop chit chatting! I can't imagine how much more agitating it would be if she were allowed to continue.

    Sometimes people or things come into our lives and our rhythm is disrupted. For me, our family's getting over flu and I've been so tired from it all that I let habits I worked hard to establish - like exercising, waking early, slide. I also haven't been smiling as much. So I'll also be repacking my tool bag too, my friend :) The first thing that goes in is "solitude" so I can slow down and reflect on life more.

  3. Sometimes we don't get the option of engaging or not with people, but it's too bad that your waiting room relaxation was destroyed.
    I think you're right; repacking that tool bag is going to help restore some of the peace to you. What tools do you think are most helpful to you?

  4. HAHA you poor thing...I pray I am never the crazy agitated woman causing a ruckus in the doctors office. I know exactly what you mean about your 30 minutes of peace, I look forward to sitting down with a good magazine but usually that is interupted with someone on a phone call talking as if everyone wants to hear her whole conversation! haha
    I need to add patience to my bag all the time. I feel bad you lost your peaceful time! Poor thing! Hopefully the feeling of clean teeth will make you happy, I always love how nice they feel after a cleaning!

  5. It can be so easy to have the wind taken out of our sails - if we let it. Sometimes we know we should not engage in conversation that might lead to a not so pleasent outcome. I know what you mean when you look forward to a moment of "peace". Take this as yet another learning experience and next time perhaps you might need some headphones with some David Gray! :) I hope you are doing great! Come and see Little Chick sing! It is so cute! Have a good night my friend!

    Mama Hen

  6. I've got tools but I have days too when those tools seem impossible to track down. I honestly tend to hole up in my house on those days. I don't answer my phone even when friends call because I know I won't be able to be myself...the self that they want me to be. I avoid civilization until I can bounce back;0 That's all I got! lol

  7. This post couldn't have come at a better time! I've been dealing with A LOT of negativity lately. I feel like I'm surrounded by negative people and I am genuinely in a very positive happy place right now. I just want to tell everyone that they're killing my buzz. My two biggest tools are patience and deep breathing. I have been breathing deeply a bunch lately. I also try to remember that I've been there with the negativity from time to time and try not to take it personal. THAT'S hard. Hope your day gets better!!! : )

  8. Oh goodness,I need to re-pack as well :)

    Sorry bout your trip to the dentist!

  9. This is funny. I too view the dentist as a nice thing to do for myself. It's relaxing being in that chair. Since we have no dental insurance, I rationalize it by thinking of it as a better way to spend money than a manicure (I've never had one of those anyway).

    My tool box consists of staying out of it. I enjoy the blank stare. People soon realize I'm not going to talk about whatever it is they're raving about.

  10. Lovely blog!
    I'm a new follower from the hop. Hope you can find time to follow back:

  11. Silent repitition is what is in my bag. I repeat, over and over to myself, "I do not know what is going on in their life today. I do not know their joys and pains. I do not know them." Usually after 3 times of thinking that I can bite my tongue and focus on the positive.
    I totally understand looking forward to 30 min. of "peace" even if it's at the Dr. Sorry it didn't happen. Maybe it will be time for your physical soon? LOL


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