Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Metaphor Found...

While in my weekly pilates class, have I told you how much I love pilates, okay anyway I giggled to myself as I looked around the room.  Some of the attendees were mindful of their poses/positions.  Others weren’t paying any attention to the instructor nor were they paying attention to how they looked while doing the moves.  Note, sometimes I get distracted and I'm the dork in the class.

Enter Metaphor: when we are not paying attention to how we are behaving we don’t realize if we are off track.  We just continue on with the less than favorable behavior; often times we get hurt. 

When we are indeed mindful of being a good steward of our behaviors and lives then we are quite simply a better soul. 

Do you believe you’re good about paying attention to your own behavior vs looking elsewhere? 


  1. Ahhh, it's so easy to fall off course in many areas of life. I often find myself focusing on small insignificant matters instead of paying attention to the big picture - I let my mind wander from the main goal. I do try to keep my eye on the prize, though. I try.

    Happy Wednesday, TV!

  2. Oh I totally find myself off course...but I try to stay on the right path! HIlarious about pilates class though, guess that would be easy to get side-tracked, I admit I love to people watch, especially at the gym :)

  3. I think I fall off course a lot. With my ADD and my added anxiety of late I'm not caring too much what I look like.

    But this one has me thinking what I may look like while doing my wandering! LOL


  4. I am the master of watching other people's footprints instead of making my own. I like the metaphor - pilates is WONDERFUL! Is that why you look so gorgeous???

  5. I probably good do a better job of staying on track and watching my behavior...I need to slow down and smell the roses :) I think now that I am a mom I'm always in a hurry!

  6. That's so true. If we only paid more attention. Life wouldn't pass us by as quickly.

  7. I find myself all over the place all the time. Watching people makes me more mindful of my own behavior/actions least I try most of the time.

  8. Sadly, it is easier to look elsewhere! But you are right, we must look at self.

    I thought of the old saying, The unexamined life is not worth living.

    Also Jesus' statement: Out of the content of the heart the mouth speaks.

    Yes, we must pay attention to our own lives. Good post.


  9. Ding! You hit the nail on the head. I am such a better person when I take a moment to be mindful.

  10. We can get so lost in paying attention to how we look that we get of track. To be able to step back a moment and gain perspective is so important to who we are and those around us. As busy women it is ok to take a moment for ourselves and make sure we are being the best we can.

  11. I actually feel like I blame myself almost too much..maybe I should look elsewhere for a bit of perspective on the whole scheme of things instead.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog at A Sophisticated Mommy. I'm following you back and love the gorgeous photos of your baby girl.


  12. I think we are all guilty for being so distracted most times that we fail to live life consciously. I wish I could be in the moment every moment but sometimes I think I need to have some 'out of body experience' to preserve my sanity too, LOL! What happens when super intense ppl become 100% in the moment all the time??? What a fascinating thought. Now you got me thinking, haha!...mission accomplished for you once again :-))

  13. Love all your pictures. Please let me know what camera you use.

    Thanks for stopping by. Followed your blog. I hope you will email me about the camera.

    Rajee From Mom's Focus

  14. I've noticed this in the special ed classroom and even said, "if you guys paid half as much attention to yourselves as you do seeing what the other kids are doing wrong, we'd all be better off!"

  15. Hi, I'm a new follower over from the TGIF blog hop. Hope you can stop by sometime..

    Have a great Friday!



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