Thursday, April 28, 2011

Right Now I'm Lovin'

There are times when you fall in love something that isn’t human.  I remember getting my first bomber leather jacket in 8th grade – wow.  I was certain that was love.   My first cool new car – again love. 

Now I’m keenly aware material things are just things.  All this being said I’m back in love with something inanimate, something fun, something silly. 


Aren’t they the coolest little wine glasses. Ever? I mean chalkboard on a wine glass.  Too Cool. 

We love making up names and the funnier the better. Find them at Pier One.

I’m also loving all books created by The Pioneer Woman.  She started as a blogger and now look at her. Rock star.   

What’s your latest favorite material object? 


  1. Those are really cool!

    And I can definitely relate to the "love". I mean even at my age I have "love" for my Bon Jovi scarf I got just a few weeks back at the Bon Jovi concert. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my memories of that night! :)


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  2. oh so cute :) those glasses looks like SO much fun!!! I love PW and all of her books too and YES, she did start out as a blogger and now she's a superstar!!! Her recipes kick major booty, but I try to lighten them up a bit since they aren't the healthiest! Hmmm, what am I loving? My new iPhone(i'm finally caught up with the next generation!), my new playlist for my iPod and PEANUT BUTTER!!! ha, I just can't get enough of it these days!!! SO random!!

  3. OH MY i love those!! So cute!! I think they would be fun in plastic for kids! ;0

  4. Those are very cute, I want some!!!! I will be going out and getting some of those glasses!!! How much fun!

    My latest favorite material object is a watch I got for christmas.... it's so nice to not have to whip out my phone to see what time it is and it's white, big and sparkly!!! Love it!

  5. The thing I love? Hmmmm. My new living room furniture! Our old stuff got to the point that it was no longer considered "furniture."

  6. Those are awesome! PS - I totally remember the bomber jacket days!

  7. I do love those glasses!!!!!!!
    I love my coffee :)and nap time :)
    And I love Jack Johnson :)

  8. I love those! I need to get some. Thank you for stopping by and following my blog. I am your newest follower.


  9. Congratulations! You've been awarded the Versatile Blogger Award!

    Share the love! :)

  10. Aww those glasses are too cute!

  11. I want some!! Thanks for letting us know where to get them instead of just taunting us with goods we'll never have! : ) I'm in love with my new oven. It's amazing, beautiful, was on clearance and it works!!! I would marry it if I could!

  12. Too cute! What a fun idea for wine glasses. As for my favorite material camera :) Loving my new lens. Happy weekend!

  13. I am in dire need of some stemless wine glasses and the chalkboard label is awesome. I might have to pick some of those up!

    My fav. material wedding rings & my camera...I would save both in a fire!


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