Friday, May 13, 2011

Oh The Anger

The angry people are those people who are most afraid.  – Dr. Robert Anthony.

We all know angry people, perhaps all too well. 

Don’t you ever wonder why some people are so angry?  Based on my assessment angry folks see problems as someone else’s fault; meaning they cannot let things slide nor can they take accountability for their actions. 

Sometimes when I'm angry I cannot seem to step out of the emotion. 

Perhaps it’s easier to stay angry than let things go.  Perhaps it’s too hard to accept responsibility for errors.  And perhaps they don’t even realize they’re angry. 

When you get angry what, in simplistic terms, drives your emotion?   


  1. I think you are so's easier to be mad than to admit it's your fault or to compromise. Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. when I know I'm angry about something, I have to talk myself down...because you are right, you stay angry and it'll consume you and ruin your day :( I keep telling my mom, she can get SO fired up and angry about things and that she used to not be that way...she tells me it's old age-LOL!

  3. You're right - when angry it's hard to step out of it and calm down enough to be rational about the situation. Lately I've experienced it with my kids that they've been complaining a bit too much. Then I realized I should check myself in the complaining department,lol. GREAT post, timely actually. Thanks!

  4. I really try hard to remind myself that life is too short. let it go...

  5. I always need time alone if I am angry. I don't like feeling angry, so I usually try to work it out instead of continuing to fuel it.

  6. I remember being easily irritated before when I was young and single. Never angry. But even so, it takes a lot from me -- mentally, emotionally, and even physically.

    My mother always used tell me to not sweat the small stuff and to "let go of the toxins". So I try to remember and do just that. :)

    Visiting you here via Joy's Thursday Threading Blog Hop (Week 3). Sure glad I discovered your blog!

  7. Hi TV,

    I'm a new follower :) I just found your blog via someone else's blog (can't remember who though). And all I can say is thank you. I've been sitting here reading for the past 45 minutes. I love the way you write and the simplicity of your posts/wisdom. We all can relate. So thank you for your WOW (words of wisdom). I look forward to reading more.


  8. The times I find myself most angry is when I feel I have been misunderstood or unjustly criticized. After all, it's easier to look at a situation from the outside and be "right." I have two close family members that are perpetually angry. It's exhausting to just be around them, it makes me wonder how tiring it is to be them. Good post. I think everyone can relate to this! : )

  9. Hum....good question. I am really hard to anger. But, when I do get angry I usually end up in tears, mostly disappointed in myself that someone (usually a persistent and disobedient child) got the best of me. My husband on the other hand is quick to anger and quick to get over it...we balance each other well. I think all too often EGO is involved in people's anger.

    I hope all is well in your world, friend :)

  10. I will totally admit that fear usually drives my anger. Deep down, I worry about the future, and if I feel it is threatened in some way, I get mad. I also get mad if I feel I'm taken advantage of...i.e. I lend money to someone and the never pay it back or even worse, they have the nerve to ask me for more! Great post, TV!

  11. Yes you (and Master Yoda!) are correct in highlighting anger's relationship with fear. When I'm angry, what drives my emotion?...I'm inclined to say it's the sense that I let go of control or did not have control over the situation. It's the idea that I could've avoided the situation, or perhaps steered it differently. Thanks for challenging us to think about this more. :-)

  12. I tend to get angry and snappy when I'm sleep deprived and overwhelmed. This is when rational thinking flies out the window and my thoughts start snowballing. I think it's also partly hormonal.

  13. LOL by nature I'm a glass half full kind of gal but I can be spurned to anger quickly. Usually two things anger me most:
    1) inconsiderate actions
    2) ignorant actions

    And stupid questions from auditors who should know better :) I guess that falls under #2 above, huh?


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