Friday, June 17, 2011


“It is much easier to become a father than to be one.” ~Kent Nerburn

One night while sitting around the fire, I told my husband how he showed me what a great Dad should be.   He smiled, choked back a tear and told me he owes it all to his own Dad.  Several months later when my father-in-law was in town I shared with him what a good father his son is and how he gave him all the credit.  Choking back tears he smiled. 

My own dad was not as involved as I would have liked therefore I was mindful to find someone who would take fatherhood seriously.  Hopefully my daughter will always know how lucky she is to have such a great Dad!   
First day home

Happy Father’s Day to all the great Dad’s out there!   

How are you celebrating the great Dad’s in your life?


  1. Awww glad you have a great husband and father to KLV! We are probably just going to have a laid back weekend...I'm sure it will involve golf!

  2. I celebrate (and miss) my dad everyday! I can't believe this will be my fourth Father's day without him.

    He continues to be a guiding force and inspiration to me...from running (my first marathon this year) to my new candle company (born from the pain of losing my Dad).
    Facebook: Eternal Memory Candle

  3. Beautiful post! That is wonderful and a gift that your husband had such a great dad and that he has become one himself! Have a great Father's Day weekend my friend!

    Mama Hen

  4. Touching post! A low key day for Father's day filled with thoughtful surprises and presents. We make sure that my dad always knows how much we appreciate him, so Fathers day we just do a little something extra :)

  5. TV-
    Thanks for your comments on my blog. I don't think I can do etsy because it is for handmade gifts. My candles are produced in a factory. If you know otherwise, please let me know.

    Also, personalized candles are coming eventually. We are just launching now and working out what is selling, etc.


  6. That is wonderful. I also feel very lucky to have a husband that is "breaking the chain" and being a devoted father. By the way, your girl must be about the cutest little girl ever created.

  7. beautiful story. Glad your husband is appreciative and has such a positive relationship with his father. My father was LESS THAN a father, far less. But I have no worries-my husband is more than a father to our boys...there are NO words!

    Happy Father's Day to your hubby, father in law!

  8. Love the bug yawn! We had the most relaxing father's day - I don't think we ever got out of our PJs! We relaxed at home and outside (good thing the neighbors can't see us!) and I cooked up a storm as usual. Hurray for wonderful fathers!

  9. Love this story TV and that your Hubs knows where credit is due. KLV is one lucky little girl. My hubs was traveling on Father's Day and we've yet to celebrate..but we will soon!

  10. How sweet! It is so important to have a loving father; I'm glad you found just the right husband to fit the role. I have to say that my husband is a loving dad too. I'm glad he'll pass this way of being to his son who may someday grow up to become a dad himself...

  11. This is really beautiful. Thanks for sharing such precious thoughts of fatherhood. It's not easy being a dad and I'm so glad your husband takes it seriously.

  12. I just found this entry today and I couldn't agree more. It's precious to have great dads around and having a partner who's a fabulous father is truly a gift. The comfort one finds in the knowledge that the one you have in your life is a reliable force is truly priceless.


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