Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Who Will Be The Best You?

Now that Oprah’s show is crocodile dundee (aka done), who is going to tell us how to be the best you? 

If you think about it, we actually don’t need anyone to tell us.  The answer is within all of us; it’s just hard getting there. History, obligations and egos get in the way of our journey to live happier. 

Isn’t it fascinating that our own brain obstructs us from becoming more just because it’s afraid to fail?

Being the best soul is indeed a lifelong process. 

Are you on your journey to being the best you?


  1. I think as we get older we become more scared to try things that could potentially let us be the best you. It's like we get too over cautious!

  2. I am, I am! Every day I try to make the next day even better. You're inspiring in your posts :)

  3. I'm a work in progress. I'm working on loving me just the way I am. I'm not striving for perfection, not trying to be someone I'm not, just trying to love me the way I am.

    Thanks for your kind comment and perspective. You are so right...that lady didn't deserve a windy response or my blog time...but I sure felt better getting it off my chest.

  4. I think it is something we always have to work at. I was just talking with my sister about how hard I have been trying to lose the weight I gained the past couple of years. I said that I have worked out so much and have eaten nothing but salads and veggies for a month and I drink so much water all day. I got a bit discouraged today, but keep on going. She said it is beacuse I am forty now. Goodness, is that what it is? So, I guess we all have to keep working at it my friend. As we get older there are different obstacles, but we have to keep on trying. Have a great day!

    Mama Hen

  5. on Oprah's last show, I felt like she was talking straight to me and YES, I feel like I'm working on being the best, ME :)

    I started a health group that meets at my house once a week...I felt like although I stay at home and raise our boys, I can still help spread my passion for healthy living with family and friends!!! It's helping me be the best ME!

  6. I'm always struggling with the fear of failure. I know it keeps from things.

  7. Challenging post.

    Yes, am on a journey to be the best me. Just starting a D.Min. this very week!

    Thanks for the nice comment about my devotional book on Proverbs. I'd like to offer you one for a blog review if you'd like.

    As you probably read in the intro of the article on the book (, I will donate $5 of every sale to the Tornado victims in Joplin (the book costs $15). If you buy one copy, I'll send you a second one free. So, you can get two for $15 and help send $5 to Joplin.


  8. Oh, yes. At this time in my life I am really trying to "become" the best me. I write about it at

    Great blog you have!

  9. I'd like to think so although I know that there is still quite a bit of fear inside for me to deal with. Maybe I'll keep hoping Oprah will reappear on her OWN channel one of these days and go back to telling me about my best me, hehehe......

  10. You know, I haven't really ever watched Oprah. Maybe I saw a piece or two of her show if it was on at my parent's house. I'm on a journey to my best 5K time :)

  11. I so appreciate this post TV. You're right about how our brain obstructs us from being our best because we're afraid to fail. Some days I feel great and other days, I wrestle with my thoughts a lot. Like Mama Hen said, every day we have to keep trying.


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