Saturday, July 16, 2011

Isolation During Conversation & Self Awareness

Someone in my circle has a hard time inquiring about others during conversation.  I’ve brought this to his attention but old habits die hard, really hard.

Failing to realize when we talk only about ourselves during conversation makes us appear narcissistic.  He is not vain, he’s just not very self aware. 

So how do you teach someone to become more self aware without them getting defensive or paranoid?


  1. That's very hard...but you know I find that most people do that. I can think of tons of conversations where I have asked the questions yet they have asked zero about me. It happens more than you think!

  2. TV I am not sure you really can once ppeople get older. I think they will most likely will not take it well (not sure) and as much as you would like to chsange this, it is something that starts from the beginning. Unless they really begin to recognize it and "want" to change it, it might be hard. But never say never. I think more and more people are self consumed and when they do ask about others I am not sure they really want to hear it. That is not everyone, but a good amount. I hope you are well. Have a great weekend!

    Mama Hen

  3. Oh goodness the endless typos!

  4. whew, that's a tough one...can't wait to read the comment advice :)

  5. I am the way your friend is and my husband is the exact opposite. Thankfully(?), I am a person who tends to (over)self-analyze. So one day, I realized that when I walked away from a particular conversation, that person knew everything about me and I knew NOTHING about them! I asked my hubby how he does it and he said: "Well...I ask questions..."

    As easy as that may sound, that's HARD for me. Ask questions? BUT how???? WHAT in the world do I ask? And so, my hubby lovingly taught me how.

    I'm still not perfect at it, and tend to get the same results, but I'm better than I was!

    And the way my hubby gets me to realize things about myself that need "help" (for lack of a better word), he usually buys me a book on that topic! haha! And says, "I thought you might like this..." haha! It's always worked!

  6. Wow, that's really tough. I don't know if I could help "teach" someone that --- guess it depends on the relationship you have with that person, whether they can really handle the truth!

  7. Wow, I have no idea where to even begin with this one...

  8. Well, I think the best way you can help your friend is to be a leader and show interest in others. Ask questions. Try to engage your other friends with questions and perhaps he will follow.
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