Sunday, August 28, 2011

Another Post About Fighting...With A Plant

It was going to be a hot day, 115 degrees. So I decided, early morning, that I would help my husband out with some outdoor duties.  Duty number one, tackle an unruly bougainvillea bush.
The cut doesn't actually hurt, the face is for dramatic effect
Let's just say I fought the bougainvillea bush but the bush won.

The rest of my limbs look like they got into a fight with a stray cat. 

This may be the last time I help my husband with the outdoor tasks.

This kind of thing ever happen to you?


  1. Wow, you must have really been letting that plant have it!

  2. Oh no! I hate when that happens :(

  3. Make sure to put vitamin E and aloe on it! We are doing well after the hurricane. It was really frightening! We will not have power for a week or so. I am at my mom checking e-mails and stopping by to say hi. Have a good week!

    Mama Hen

  4. Poor thing. This is why we have landscapers...well, no, actually, we have landscapers because every time my husband edges the yard he ends up cutting cables that are pertinent to running the tV & internet. LOL. I hope your scratches heal soon. You do get mad points for helping him, even though it didn't go so well!

  5. Oh no! Well at least you had good intentions :)

    I was going to email, but figured I could just comment here, but did you ever do any posts on passive agression? If so, would you mind sending my way? If not, post idea for you...

    Happy Monday and I hope that scratch heals up quick!

  6. Oh no- that's quite a battle scar. I've done things like trying to force something into a hole that doesn't fit.

  7. Last summer I was attacked by a rogue clay pot on the night before leaving for vacation. I was wrestling with a pair of hybiscus trees that I was leaving in the care of a neighbor. I dropped the darn thing and a fragment of pot flew and slashed my wrist of all things. I sat down and applied pressure, pretty sure I was going to bleed out right there on the porch. I did not die, but I had an ill placed bandaid for our whole vacation!

    I hope your battle scar fades quickly!

    -Joey of the former Big Teeth & Clouds

  8. Um, yes! And it wasn't until the bougainvillea got me that I learned a small percent of the population is allergic to that plant. Guess which portion I fall into? LOL!

  9. YES, all the time, and I am so bad about wearing gloves. My skin has gotten more sensitive with age and now I can't even touch many plants or grasses because my arms will get itchy, splotchy red bumps. But I do love gardening!


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