Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Gestures of Condolences

In my circle of friends there have been way too many of their loved ones who've passed on.  When a close friend or loved one passes sometimes the standard card or bouquet of flowers doesn’t always seem appropriate. 

Having lost a brother years ago, just hearing from people who care was the most important gesture.  Things like photographs, donations, meals, flowers are of course a nice way to express sympathy too. 

Another touching idea is the Eternal Memory Candle.  They provide candles to light in honor of loved ones lost.  Andrea, the Founder lost her own Father a few years ago and the company is a tribute to his legacy.  

What are some touching things you’ve done to remember those who’ve passed? 


  1. The candle is a great idea. You are right, sometimes flowers just don't seem like the right thing...

  2. wow, I'll have to check that out...sounds very nice. I love just being around family when we are grieving. Something about telling stories and reflecting on memories make it SO much better.

  3. I'm stunned and speechless (and also slightly emotional!). Thank you so much for posting this! What a delightful way to wake up and start my day!

    Thank you, TV! It's amazing what really kind folks who don't even know me will do for me and this little company!

    Do you mind if I link it on FB and twitter?

  4. the candle is a sweet idea! I love being around family and friends at times like that

  5. I love the meals help and the kind words from friends but, that candle sounds so special. I have never heard of that before. I just love when a group of people get together and share funny or special memories about the person who has passed so everyone can laugh together or cry a little. Such a sweet way to honor the person who has passed.

  6. My father-in-law was killed in a car crash, before my husband and I were married. I scanned some old pictures and put together a scrapbook for my husband.

  7. How sweet...I'll have to remember this the next time we lose someone in "our circle" or my friends lose someone in theirs...The Eternal Memory Candle is such a great idea! After all, it's the memories that we need to hang on to!

  8. Oh...to answer your question. I put together a scrapbook of my dad for Little Lewie to see when he gets older. Also, we still have my dad's old bass boat. It's older than me, but I'm determined to keep it in running condition as an heirloom/family tradition to keep my father's spirit alive!

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  10. beautiful post :) thanks for sharing. I think the candle is a great idea! loving your blog, new follower over here!


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