Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Happy Family Life Means Developing....YOU

While reading a recent article on parenting I came across the Number One Parenting Tool.  

Now I think the article has merit; if you develop yourself then, in general your family will develop. That being said when I take too much time working on myself I get a case of the guilts.  Example: if I work out more than 2 times a week I feel guilty.  If I go out with friends more than once a month, I feel guilty.  Maybe the number one parenting tool I need is a little less guilt?

What’s your key to a happy family life?


  1. TV- I agree about personal development being important in family development. I totally get what you mean about the guilt of taking too much time to work on yourself. Over the years I've found I'm happiest when I'm doing small chunks of what develops me as a person, and balance it into having fun as a family. I don't always succeed but the more it happens, the more fun & less guilt I feel :)

  2. Doing something at least once a week as a family. If the three of us can get out together, ride our bikes, go to the park, eat dinner, something, then that always feels good.

  3. I think it's all about balance. Doing a little for everyone in the family and definitely quality SEPERATE time with each one...like I set time aside for my hubby and I, my oldest son and I and then my baby and I...it works out some how, some way...each week!

  4. Oh, I feel guilty all the time, but I do believe the quote, "Happy Wife, Happy Life." I imagine that works for moms too. If I'm happy and in a good mood, then I know that's the best present I can give to my little boy. I agree with Kristy too...Family time is important, and we try to do something together at least once a week. I know this makes my little boy happy since he's always saying "Mommy and Daddy here" meaning we're all together!

  5. Balance. Huuby gets on to me for not doing things for myself. I quit running in the evening because I felt bad leaving the house when hubby got home... silly ideas in my head. We do EVERYTHING together. :)


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