Thursday, October 13, 2011

Blogging Sustainability

If you are not a blogging superstar like Pioneer Woman or Kelle Hampton how do you maintain longevity and consistency in your blog?

I have no answers on this one; only questions. 

Sure, I have more ideas to cover on this blog but I often wonder...

Does anyone care or are they only commenting as a courtesy?

Am I still getting something out of it? 

Do I just need to generate more interest in my blog?   

I realize you get what you give – so perhaps I’m not putting enough into it? 

What do you think, how do you go the distance in the world of blogging? 


  1. I have definitely grow weary of blogging and visiting blogs over the past 6 months or so but, even in my burn out I am missing the blogs that I truly enjoyed; yours being one of them! I follow every blogger that follows my blog but, unfortunately I simply cannot visit all of those blogs even if I wanted to. I have maybe about 30 blogs that I steadily visit becaue I like them and I have made "connections" with the authors authors:). Your blog is great because it gives me something to chew on and I enjoy reading your other responders, it is a fast read. Love it! Plus you are just sweet and I like yah:). I blog just to blog for fun but, it does seem that I get more comments when I visit more blogs but, that is not what I want blogging to be about for me. I do have a facebook page that occasionally posts my blog feed to all of my FB friends and that seems to generate more interest but, to be honest..whatever you learn here will be a good education for me too! I'm not good at this whole blogging thing:)

  2. I, like Casey, have about 30 blogs that I visit regulary. They are my bloggy friends that have been with me since I began and a few that I have found along the way. The thing is that blogging takes up a lot of time. To post a blog and to visit, read and comment. In the beginning I was getting about twenty to thirty comments if not more. I made it a point to visit everone that commented and comment back. It was so wonderful, but took up so much time. I also did some giveaways and over time I wanted to get back to what the blog was really about. It is my gift to my daughter. It is how I capture our precious moments. I have my bloggy friends, like yourself, who I love to visit every day (if I am on my computer each day). I think there are people we connect with and we genuinely want to comment not out of courtesy, but it is like visiting an old friend and saying hi. I think once people blog for a while they start to see what is truly important to them. I hope you have a great day my friend!

    Mama Hen

  3. well, I visit your blog because I enjoy reading, make me think! plus, your family is adorable!

    I think that my health-related blog has grown faster and more rapidly because it is my passion, I have something to say and that is where I say it. I share things that people might find helpful and I feel as though I write from my heart and people, HOPEFULLY read that. As for my family blog, I use it to share with family, friends and my "bloggy friends" and I feel like I've met so many great mothers through it!

    But yes, I could totally be ok with getting PW's traffic! She's amazing!!!

  4. I like your blog b/c it always strikes up new thoughts, and it's short and sweet--to the point. I'm not a lot of help here b/c I've only been blogging since March.

  5. I guess I would consider myself a newbie blogger, having only had my blog for a little over a year. I've found it fills a creative need that I have. I'm a writer and with my family commitments, do not have time to work on a long project. The blog helps me to write on an (almost) daily basis. My posts are short, since I know we're all busy! I've recently discovered I love the photography aspect of blogging, and am learning about how to edit photos.

    That said, in a few years I may tire of blogging. But for now, I love it!

  6. I follow hundreds of blogs and it's a lot of work! It's like a part time job :D

    I just blogged about some of the ways to make it easier to get followers and comments lately that's getting a bit of net-time: Top 3 Things Well-Meaning Bloggers Do That Drive Readers Nuts

  7. Really good questions, TV! I started blogging again because I needed to force myself to write again and needed a creative outlet. I never thought that I would develop real friendships with the people on blogs, so that was an amazing and wonderful surprise to me. It does take a lot of time, and I agree that you get what you give, but to me, it's worth the extra time.

  8. I've struggled with blogging identity and envy on and off for awhile. I'm only finally at the place where I feel comfortable NOT always having new content, or NOT updating every day (not that I always did that anyway, but I felt guilty or worried I would lose readers if I didn't). There are just so many other things that are important in my life. My blog doesn't take top priority, and I'm ok with that. I'm so grateful to the readers that stick with me, even through my periods of silence. They are the reason I come back at all at times. :-) I've just decided that my blog is like my life: Some days are some you want to write about. Some you want to just forget.

  9. I just try and have fun with it. I get benefits from it through sharing and creating and writing. I like having that outlet. I try not to stress if I have to go several days without getting to it.


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