Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Enhancing Your Creativity?

So many of us strive to be more creative but struggle from time to time. A recent Psychology Today article reviews the 7 deadly sins that fight our own creativity. 

  1. We do not believe we are creative
  2. We believe the myths about creativity (those blasted stereotypes of creative types)
  3. We fear failure
  4. We fail to act
  5. We fail to produce ideas
  6. We fail to look at things in different ways
  7. Failure to accept personal responsibility
My habitual sins are # 3, fear failure and # 4 fail to act.  I have a hunch that I dislike sin #3 so much that sin #4 is the outcome.  Just a hunch though J

What’s your dreaded sin?


  1. I think you are right on. I am an artist. I've only been painting a couple of years and it is amazing how I put off the very thing I love to do the most. I think I don't want to "mess up", ie. fear of failure. Sick! :)

  2. good post! I think that I fear failure, as most people do. Why are we all like that? Hmmm...

  3. Um yeah I so don't think I'm not looks like I am my own worst enemy!

  4. I'm like you. Both #3 and #4 get me the most...unfortunately. One day I'll conquer them all! I know it :)

  5. Yeah, I am just like you #3 and #4, and they definitely go hand in hand!

  6. I think my biggest sin is #1 and #2. Even in school, I always thought I was the least talented of all my classmates. I never thought my paintings or drawings were good enough. Now that feeling that I'm not a creative type keeps me from trying new baking recipes, wearing new types of clothes, thinking of crafts to do with Little Lewie, etc. etc. Instead, I turn to other people's blogs for inspiration...

  7. I was stuck at #3 for a long time so I hear you on that. I kept telling myself to move forward but it's hard to go it alone. I can only do it consistently with a group of motivated people who have similar goals and even then, we each have our own cycles of fear, action to break through fear, making a mess and struggling to believe it doesn't equal failure, getting tired, taking a break, and doing it all over again. In the end, the goal must be worth the effort.


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