Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Giving Advice

While waiting for my dentist appointment to begin (which was a much different experience than 6 months ago) I read an article in Ladies Home Journal that said even though people may ask your advice, perhaps its best not to give it.  Meaning, sometimes people just want to be heard. 

It’s fairly easy to misinterpret someone who just wants to be heard for someone who needs advice.

How do you determine when the listen and when to give advice?


  1. This definitely makes sense to me! I have a feeling that it will definitely be hard though when trying to determine who actually wants advice and who doesn't... Great post, TV! Hope you have a wonderful holiday!

  2. I think it's best to give advice when someone asks for it specifically. If not, it's best to just listen. My husband and I have this conflict, which I believe is a common male/female issue. Sometimes I just want to vent, not hear his opinion on the issue!

  3. I think that when people ask advice, they are looking for some positive response. I think it is how we go about things that makes the difference. I hope you are doing well! Happy Thanksgiving!

    Mama Hen

  4. So true...sometimes people just say this out of habit. Now telling the difference is not easy!

  5. When someone keeps talking, and doesn't pause for a moment, its pretty obvioius to me they don't want advice. Or, when they do let let me give advice, but then don't acknowledge it, I know advice is not what they are after. Good discussion question.

  6. When someone asks for advice, I usually turn the question back onto them. "Well, what do you think you need to do?" Usually they have the solution to their own problem. I'm just glad I can provide a listening ear.


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