Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Food Traditions

As a kid we had so many amazing xmas traditions.  Pizza on Christmas Eve because we didn’t want to bother with too many dishes before presents.  Opening gifts followed by some Elvis playing in the background. Then we’d get all dressed up for midnight mass and barely hold on until 1:00am because we’d be soo tired.

Most of the traditions I had as a kid have fallen but those incredible holiday treats; most of those have stuck with me and inspired me to continue on.  

Here are just a few food traditions we are hanging on to and creating (all homemade, mind you):

  • Party Mix, marshmallows, peanut butter hershey kiss cookies, peppermint bark, standing rib roast, cranberry cake with butter sauce and the list goes on.

Sure it would be easier to buy things like marshmallows and peppermint bark but having someone with the initials KLV help me is much more fun!

What’s your favorite holiday food tradition?


  1. cute post :)

    At my son's performance last week, they had to write down a tradition with their family and I thought that was a super cute idea! Our traditions so far are, baking cookies together and making a MESS, and decorating the house while roasting marshmallows on the back porch!

  2. Hot Cocoa and a candycane to mix the marshmallows. I love the holiday meal and simply being together with family. I hope you are doing well. Have a great day!

    Mama Hen

  3. Hey TV, I am sure you will soon, but when you get a chance please go visit Carol at Kneedeep. She is really going through a lot. I hope you have a great night my friend!

    Mama Hen


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