Monday, January 2, 2012

A Response

With the technology of today I find our responses are less than stellar.  We respond to less calls/emails.  Our feelings turn into abbreviations rather than sentences. 

'connecting' with my sister
Recently I read somewhere that Gen Y has a hard time dealing with conflict because they basically hide behind technology and 1 word answers.  Interesting.

Anyone that knows me well knows my obsession with sociology as I cannot wait to see the role technology plays on our mental health.  Moving on…

Of course technology and lack of attention span have played a huge role in my writing.  For 1, this blog wouldn’t exist w/o technology. 2) I know people don’t read much past 200 words, therefore I generally keep my posts to under 150 words.

The point is that our responses are changing.  Generally, we ignore calls, we don’t open emails, we rarely write letters and yet we all want to have more meaningful connections. 

Another example of ‘you get what you give’, right?


  1. This is totally true! There is a definite disconnect in relationships now b/c we are so into technology and social media.

  2. On the contrary, if it wasn't for technology I wouldn't get to maintain such strong relationships with some. Technology has definitely made this past year of dating long distance easier (skype dates, phone calls, emails, texts). And the majority of my closest friends are sprawled out across the country so technology keeps staying in touch not as hard as before texts, emails, and skype :)

    I do agree though that technology can create a disconnect in some instances.

  3. I don't know what I'd do without my long telephone convos with my mom. I could never stop doing that!

  4. Very true! Sometimes I want to throw my, not so smart, phone in a lake, unplug my house phone, TV and anything else that takes me away from the meaningful things in my family (I know they aren't things...) friends and pets. I feel completely disconnected at times and I blame technology. But really it's me letting technology get the better of me. Good post!


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