Thursday, April 19, 2012

Creating Calm

We’ve all read articles about creating inner calm but do they work for you?  They usually don’t work for me. 

Thankfully there are some things that make me calm.

Certain weather makes me calm.  You know those perfect sunny days; not too hot or chilly.  Love those.

Holding KLV’s hand makes me calm.  She’s not a big hand holder; so when she does, my heart smiles.

Getting a meaningful hug from my husband.  All too often tenured couples do the obligatory kiss or hug, so I love the unsolicited, ‘I’m here for you’ hug.

The conclusion of a chaotic cycle also makes me calm.  Usually after a long spell of YUK, I often feel a sense of calm knowing I’ve paid my dues for ‘a while’. 

How do you get calm?


  1. ah, such great ways to help you relax and chill! For me, it's exercise and hanging out when my husband's off work and it's just the four of us! those are THE best times...

  2. Riding in the car with the music going with the windows down on a sunny day...or having little boy say "Momma" and give me his big smile!

  3. Calm? What is that? Hahaha, I kid, I kid, kind of. sometimes, just sitting for a few minutes with my eyes closed makes me calm. A long hot shower when you're not in a hurry to get out makes me calm. Or a long hug from M when it's not expected makes me calm :)

  4. I agree. I have tried it all. Weather, yep. Unsolicited love - yep. Hmm.. wish there was a miracle plan. :-)

  5. I have to sweat it out -- exercise!
    Often though, I have to find some quiet time to think and pray, and I'm much better after that!

  6. Taking my little boy to a park brings me calm. I just love exploring nature with him... It also doesn't hurt if he wants to hold hands too :)

    Talking to my girlfriends or my husband about concerns on my mind also help me mellow. It's good to vent!

  7. Praying. Realizing the "crisis," or whatever is going on causing me to be anxious, will pass. Thinking of those who have endured worse circumstances than I am under and have come through it.


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