Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Summer Tradition

I have always loved summer vacations with the family.
Growing up on a ranch in North Dakota we went on very few vacations but the few we did, well let's just say they were great fun and fairly simple.
Vacations are all what you make them.
We just returned from our annual La Jolla trip (near San Diego).

We had the best time.
We made some great memories.
I love being spontaneous but also love the notion of familiarity.
We've been going to La Jolla and staying at the same boutique hotel for the past 5 years.
Some things have changed and some haven't.
We love this place and I still love our annual summer vacation.

Are you getting out there and enjoying your summer?


  1. Brings back memories, good ones of renting little houses on the coast when the kids were growing up. You may find what stirs me from this valley in the summer in today's post on Trainride Of The Enigmas. my compliments.

  2. I remember you posting about La Jolla before...perhaps it was after last year's trip! My husband and I went there for a New Year's Eve trip back in 2007. We loved it! There's so much to do in San Diego, and the weather is perfect. I met my very first Whole Foods supermarket in La Jolla. It was love at first sight :) I'm so glad you had a wonderful trip.

  3. I love family vacation traditions. I love the La Jolla area. So pretty. Your pictures are darling by the way. So happy and colorful! My mom is coming in for a 3 week visit tomorrow so I'm excited to get out and have some fun with her here! Hope you are well!

  4. I love the family pic in the center! You guys looked like you had a great time!

  5. What a pretty photo arrangement! Looks like a lot of fun and good times. I'm glad you're enjoying your summer. We're doing things like swimming and day camp so far! Have a nice weekend!

  6. Great pics! We are trying to enjoy our summer. It has been so hot and humid that it has been almost impssible to be outsode for to long.

  7. BTW, thanks for following Mommy Time Out:)


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