Thursday, July 26, 2012

Life Is Meant To Be Shared

Not sure why but in the past 6 months a notion keeps ringing in my head; life is meant to be shared. 

Perhaps it’s the Colorado tragedy or just the simple fact that tomorrow is not an absolute. 

We can get so incredibly complacent in our busy routines and with our families that sometimes it’s hard to share our time, our hearts and our homes with others.

I find the more I share (not only feelings and time) the happier I am.  Perhaps the key to that realm of happiness is finding the right people to share your time and thoughts…

How are you sharing your life with those you care about? 

Time with my wacky family - modeling my mom's hat collection


  1. Love your post! I share some of my life going through my Mom's closet and putting her hats on me!

  2. The right people can definitely enrich our lives! Sometimes find those people isn't easy!

  3. well the key is having the right people around...without them, the true happiness cannot be found! glad you've got a fun group to share life with!!!

  4. You're so right. Life is meant to be shared. I have a habit of working too hard sometimes and not spending enough time with my loved ones. I definitely need to find balance in my life because you're right; tomorrow is not promised to us and what matters the most is the memorable times we spend with people that make us feel good about ourselves and in return, we make feel good about themselves.


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