Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Before you speak, ask yourself…does it improve upon the silence?” Shirdi Sai baba

I go through stages of being a silent listener to an active contributor during conversation. 

As the quote above suggests, silence has so many advantages.  When we are silent we are more capable of observing and thinking about the world around us.

The challenge is that when I’m silent people assume something is wrong.  Ha!

How do you fair on the topic?


  1. haha, when I'm silent people always ask, What's wrong? why are you in a bad mood? so obviously I am a talker!!! LOL

  2. There are many types of silence. Before retirement, I liked the "alert silence" we grunts assumed at management meetings, lots of agreeable nodding. Then we'd go out and get our jobs done safely, quickly, in our same old way. But my favorite silence is the rare one that descends upon neighborhoods when the power conks out and noise polluters can't achieve sufficient woofer wattage to bother everybody. List is probably endless and I appreciate you raising the question.

  3. Silence is truly powerful. I am a firm believer that sometimes, silence says more than actual sounds/words. When I choose to be silent, for the most part, it's probably one of three things: (1)I'm thinking and taking a step back, trying to form an opinion on what's being said; (2)I have way too many things to say and am unable to verbalize everything diplomatically/intelligently; (3)I think the person is an idiot or an asshole who does not deserve any reaction whatsoever.

    I do like your first statement/suggestion....thinking first if what you will say will improve upon the silence. I need to keep that in mind. Thanks TV for another thought-provoking post!

  4. I tend to fair on the side of silence too. It drives me nuts though that people assume that you're upset or judging them when in reality, sometimes I just don't have anything to add. Ya know?

  5. You always learn more from listening than speaking. I try to remind myself of that when I begin to monopolize a conversation. Of course, many times I might be silent, but I have a hard time shutting off that inner voice in my head. I think people who meditate understand the value of silence. I'd like to learn how to meditate some day.


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