Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Stopping Ourselves

I’ve written about getting in my own way before but it’s surprising to see how often so many of us stop ourselves from going after a dream or goal.

I’ve stopped myself from doing lots of things; going for that job, master’s degree, better health.  The list goes on.

Many of us only go after what we think we can achieve.  As I age I realize that’s not how I want to live my life.  At All. It’s boring to only try for things that are a sure thing.  

Are you stopping yourself?


  1. I suppose getting in one's own way is sometimes unavoidable. One manages risk in consideration of stability. Children need that. Where I am not particularly brilliant, myself, I was at least privileged to conduct some light into the world. Besides, my daughter was a better ballerina than I.

  2. I will answer a big strong NO to this one :) I'm finally feeling like I'm going for it all at 100%!

  3. Yes, I am... I spent the last year working so hard on writing my book and starting my business. I spent tons of money in the process, and now, because none of my marketing strategies seem to work (I've sold very few books), I started placing more of my focus on my regular job that at least promises a paycheck. Oh it's so difficult to keep up at something that costs so much money and is not a sure thing...

  4. Heck yeah, I hold myself back. From things like the Master's degree, etc. I keep telling myself, "It's not that important to me." Knowing I would be so proud to have these things.. *sigh*..

  5. I think I had a lot more gusto when I was younger. I wanted to do so many things and make a huge positive change in this world. I've pooped out a bit and I long fior that peppy spirit who forged ahead with hope and dreams to accomplish so much. I still have so many dreams. I just need to get that gusto back. I hope you are well! Reading anything great? Have a good day my riend!

    Mama Hen


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