Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Roadmap of a Friendship

I have some amazing friends.  They are fun, smart, thoughtful and good. 
Some I talk to weekly, while others I talk to every few months.

Occasionally I like to sit back and assess how I became friends with each of them and what keeps us friends. 

There are times when life gets in the way and a friendship is tested.  Of course if it’s a solid friendship, it will still be there regardless of time and space and emotion. 

None of my friendships have started at the same place and none of them will end at the same destination. 

One thing is for certain, I’ll make sure those friends I hold dear are in my heart until I’m gone. 
How do you show friends what they mean to you?


  1. I've always been pretty good at keeping in touch. I make a point to contact them, from time to time. Friendships, like any relationship, take some work...

    But you are right.. no matter the time and distance, it always sorts itself out!

    Hope you are doing well!

  2. Intriguing question, as always. I'm at an age where every gathering includes a toast to absent friends, but I remember them, how we all stabilized each other. And there are new friends to be made. A person's true relatives don't always number among immediate kin, but are scattered over the world. One keeps alert for them.

  3. Strong friendships can be difficult to maintain, especially when most of mine are long distance, but the people I love and care about will always stay true to my heart!

  4. I try to be a good friend and keep in touch...and remember birthdays :)

  5. Friendship is a give and take relationship. I have always liked the quote "You can't take anything out of the bank if you make no deposits." That is what a friendship is. You have to give and continually nurture it. Have a great TV!

    Mama Hen

  6. One thing I can say is that I've been blessed with many wonderful friends in my life. I feel lucky. I often refer to my best friend as my sister since I don't have any siblings. She, too, calls me a sister because she only has brothers :)

    With our busy lives, it's tough to keep friendships and to stay close, but I'll always reach out to the ones I love. I like to send small, surprise gifts on birthdays and holidays. More importantly, I'm here to listen--whether it's to congratulate or to console. They have helped me through many tough times in my hope is that they feel the same about me too.

  7. Great post on friendship! I concur, friendships are wonderful and require nurturing. I like to tell friends what they mean to me, through quick notes or sending a card. Balancing it all is something I continue to work on!


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