Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Happy New Year

KLV really appreciates Christmas now. 
It is a wonder to experience Christmas through a child.  Just watching her excitment makes me want to jump back into my childhood if only for 10 minutes. 
1 hour before her big Christmas Performance
There have been many good things from 2012 but quite a few less ideal incidents. 
I'm very much looking forward to welcoming lucky number '13. 
Wishing you and your family a very Happy New Year!


  1. Merry Christmas my friend! She looks so grown up in this photo!

  2. Thank You, Tesha. My compliments in return. Your daughter looks adorable and excited --as kids should look on a holiday. We've just returned from a few hours with our grandchildren so I speak with authority. Merry Christmas!

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  4. She's getting SO big! such a beautiful girl and Happy New Year!

  5. Very cute.
    Greetings from Turkey,
    Merry Christmas
    Burun Estetigi

  6. Happy, lucky 2013!! I hope this year brings many fun-filled surprises and memories your way! (I sent you an email.) Keep enjoying your time with your beautiful little girl and scheduling those book signings. You're doing wonderfully--just look at those reviews on Amazon! XOXO.

  7. Happy New Year! She looks so beautiful :)

  8. Happy New Year! 2013 is your year. She is beautiful!


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