Sunday, June 16, 2013

Where's the Funny?

I've written about laughing on here before.  But I feel the need to write about it again because I think most of the irritations in the world can be 'laughed' off.  Example: that family member that drives you bonkers, that mom that won't stop bragging, being embarrassed beyond belief.  People can find humor in all these situations and many more but so many don't.
As a gift I'll share a funny and embarrassing story with you in the hopes you'll find the funny - even a little.
Circa - 1990's. My parents gave me a plane ticket to London to visit a previous college roommate.  I'd never been out of the country before (sans Canada). So off I went and explored as much of London as I could.  One day while getting on the Tube I couldn't get to a seat quick enough and lost my balance.  I slowly (ever so slowly) fell to the subway car floor and proceeded to roll down (yes roll) about halfway down the subway car.  As I rolled I just kept thinking 'no' and 'stop' but I just kept rolling.  When my body finally stopped moving I was insanely embarrassed.  Such a klutz.  Aside from my dramatic ball interpretation, the most astonishing part was looking up at all the faces of random Brits.  They just stared at me in their stoic glory.  No laughs. No smiles. No one asked if I was okay.  They just stared down and then returned to their book or staring out the window.  Knowing I couldn't ignore what they'd just seen, I said in my very American voice, "Ok come on, you have to admit that was funny."  Still nothing.  I managed to get back up, join my ex roommate and then I started laughing.  I couldn't stop laughing.  Thinking about watching a 20 something girl roll down the subway car aisle like an awkward ball had to be a site. 
Could you imagine if that had been on America's Funniest Home Video?  I would have definitely won the 10k. 
Do you use your sense of humor to get through the day?  Got any funny stories to share?


  1. Mishap beautifully described! We have the same problem on Bay Area Rapid Transit, multi-G-force acceleration. I hope I would have tried to help, but there's a chance of grabbing the wrong part of a human projectile or being dragged off with it. Doesn't explain passengers' lack of concern for you --but then who knows how many Americans they've seen roll right out the back door of that contraption? Might be used to it.

  2. That is so funny TV! You can be sure that if I was on that subway you would have gotten an "Are you OK" from me and then a roaring laugh! I fell yesterday in my neighbors yard as I was getting a ball from our yard and my neighbor saw the whole thing while he was grilling. He did ask if I was OK, but I felt so embarrassed! There was nothing graceful about it. Just an old sprain that likes to give out when it wants a laugh. You are right about laughing more. I find myself wanting to laugh more about things lately. Stress has a way of taking the "funny" out of things. I used to have the nickname "smiley" and "sunshine" because I always laughed and smiled and cheered people up. I would like to get a little more of that back. I hope all is well my friend. Been so busy and time for blogging has not been there as much. I wish you well and hope that your book is selling a lot. Have a great night!

    Mama Hen

  3. Oh my goodness TV! That is pretty funny, especially since you didn't get hurt. (Yes, getting hurt would have made it less funny.) In college I had a "crush" on this football player that didn't know I existed. One day I was on the treadmill, and I saw him enter the gym. I was getting warm on the treadmill, and so, using very little common sense, I decided to take my sweatshirt off while walking. Well, as soon as I started taking the sweatshirt half way off my head, my legs stopped walking, and the treadmill kicked me off onto my butt. So, here I was, sitting on my butt, treadmill running, and my sweatshirt still covering my head. I lifted the sweatshirt a little, just so I could see and make a quick exit. I was SOOO embarrassed and was sure that now the football player did know I existed...but, of course, I was now "that accident prone girl at the gym." Yes, I agree...we gotta laugh. It's so much better than crying.

  4. It's so unbelievable that not only did no one help you, but that no one asked if you were okay?! Whoa! That's embarrassing behaviour...their's not yours. And yes, that was funny! ;-))

  5. I chuckled just reading this. I can see the stoic faces of the Brits, though. Reminds me of a comedian that went to Vermont. He used his best material but could not get any laughter going in the audience. He was distressed at the end of the show. Then he heard someone say to their companion, "That guy was so funny I could hardly keep from laughing." It does help to just let go and laugh. Good post.


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