Background on TV

Thanks for visiting TV's Take!  TV is my moniker, really it is.

My blog is different because my posts are a quick read and to the point (typically under 150 words).  The content is rich and focused on questions about life, parenthood and relationships.  I'm fairly fascinated by the complexity of our relationships as well as our behaviors -- including my own.

TV on her childhood horse named Cat
My background: I was raised on a ranch in North Dakota and moved to Minneapolis, MN when I was 14. I graduated from the University of Minnesota many moons ago.   My matchmaker Mom set me up with my husband resulting in a move across country to California.  In 2009 we welcomed a beautiful baby girl with the initials KLV.  She is fun, spirited, smart, and goofy.
I love to laugh and have a good time. My family and friends are fabulously fun. My cherished activity is spending time with good people.
This blog was first published in March, 2010 and I'm amazed that I've formed some actual connections with fellow bloggers.  This blog is also an easy way for my long distance friends to stay updated on my overanalyzing thoughts.

KLV 7 months old
I've written my first children's book titled Kensie Cooks, now available on  I'm working on finishing the second and third books to the KC series.

I've also written for Spa for the Soul on FB and blogged for our local paper.
Thanks for stopping by, I do appreciate your interest.